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Thread: Irina Slutskaya Voted For 2005 United States Sports Academy Athlete Of The Year Award

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    News Irina Slutskaya Voted For 2005 United States Sports Academy Athlete Of The Year Award

    *Also Nastia Liukin is also in the mix

    You can cast your votes at the above link

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    Irina voted for US Sports Academy Athlete of the Year???

    What the heck Shouldn't only American athletes be eligible for this award, say Nastia Liukin or Chelsie Memmel(both US gymnasts), Alissa (probably more deserving than Sasha), NASCAR driver Danica Patrick??

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    She hasn't won yet. She is only one of the options. The majority of options are Americans with a few international athletes thrown into the mix.

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    I think this is the first year that the Academy nominated international stars along with Americans.

    Last year Michelle was runner up, behind winner Carly Patterson.

    Despite the name, this is not any official United States organization. It is a private school that offers graduate degrees in coaching and sports administration, etc. There is no particular reason why they should, or should not, honor international stars along with Americans if they want to. As far as I can tell, the main purpose of this contest is to advertise the school.

    I voted for Irina, ping-ponger Gau Jun and Anika Sorenstam. (Next year, Michelle Wie )


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    Thanks, Sailor. I voted.

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