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Thread: ABC World News Tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz
    Didn't Chevalier sing a song about Thanking Heaven for Little Girls?
    And not just Chevalier -- IIRC, Dick Button sang it on national TV.

    You're right again, Joe. What a shame the new rules won't let Mao go to Turino and out-Tara Tara, whupping the elegant artists and becoming the new YOUNGEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The juxtoposition of Baiul and Lipinsky just proved my point about a sugar rush.
    Mao is in her right to skate like a prodigy.

    BTW, Tara looked kind of 30ish. Anyone think differently?


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    Depends on the skater and the day

    If I had to choose a preference, young jumping beans versus mature complete skaters, I suppose I would choose the later...

    but, honestly, it depends on the skater and the day.

    Re Oksana and Nancy at the Olys: I preferred Oksana that day.
    Re Tara and Michelle at the Olys: I preferred Michelle that day.
    Re Mao and Sasha at TEB: I preferred Mao that day.

    Re a skater's full career and lifetime achievement: I'm preferring Yuka who was a little jumping bean and grew into a mature complete skater.


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