CAN Sophie Alexandra Vigeant Start No: 1
Notes: light pink shading to red & black on skirt / tango / a bit of chor to set the 'attitude' nice high 2a / 3t turn out stayed on one foot 2t / combo spin is well-centered good speed on front she's slowed down quite a bit / flysit not much fly & weak spin / 2z / spirals COE in catchfoot - leg height is ok not enough extension / layback is well-done / 28.96 /

CAN Izabel Valiquete Start No: 2
Notes: dark pink shading to light to dark on skirt / Romeo & Juliet / combo spin is quite good / she has a fairly good command of the ice - but lacks speed / 2a / 3s under rot fell / flysit not much fly slow spin good pos / nice COE spiral to start the seq - deep edges - good seq / lots of steps into 2z with both arms over head - bit forward on landing / layback spin is ok / strt steps are quite complex but slow / charlotte into final pos / 28.00 currently 2nd

CAN Sarah Jourdain Start No: 3
Notes: sparkly white halter / piano / layback to foot to head - good speed & centered / 2a is very nice - great speed in and out / 2s - went up crooked / flysit good fly & tuck nice spin / spirals are ok / ftwrk 2z with both arms overhead / combo spin is centered pretty good speed / music is a cocktail lounge piano medley / strt steps are fairly complex / 30.78 /

CAN Amanda Valentine Start No: 4
Notes: black with diagonal cutout on front / black knee brace / tango /3turns into 3l 2t nicely done / very good speed & flow / ftwrk tano 2z / flysit good spin with pos variations - fly was soso / music has changed to slower piano / spirals covered ice but were only soso / 1a / layback is nice with strt leg & arms behind back / music has picked up again for strt steps which are well chor with music and strike a good balance between complexity and speed / combo spin is very nice / 36.36 /

CAN Amanda Juteau Start No: 5
Notes: hot pink with black fringe on skirt / very nice combo spin starting back - good pos & speed - pos changes went with music / 2a / strt steps maybe a bit simple but well done / she's listening to & using her music / 3s under rot fell / flysit - very nice spin with variations - fly was quite good / spirals are ok / ftwrk 2z / layback sideways to strt back with leg change & noticable increase in speed / 30.02 currently 3rd /

CAN Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver Start No: 6
Notes: light orange shading to white at hem / masquarade waltz / some nice chor to set things off / nice 2a / she's moving quite well & with her music / 2f2t / flysit is ok - pos are a bit weak / she's just up from pre-nov - skipped novice / spirals are a bit wobbly and slowed down / ftwrk 2 tano lutz - nice air pos on her jumps / strt ftwrk is with music / layback with foot to head - nicely centered - good speed / nice combo spin ending in headless / 33.72 currently 2nd /

CAN Kim Caissy Start No: 7
Notes: burgundy velvet with chiffon skirt / nice layback with pos held / 2a bit scratchy on landing but clean / 3t fell not sure if fully rot / ftwrk 2z very low / O ftwrk caught my attention / spirals / flysit not much fly - spin pos is a bit weak - good speed / combo spin is ok / 29.5 currently 5th /

CAN Shannon Copeland Start No: 8
Notes: dark purple with cream underskirt - asymetrical line around hips / middle eastern / flysit nice height & tuck but trouble on landing and didn't get enough revs - looks like if she landed it, it would have been the best spin so far in the competition / 2a / 3s didn't get off ice / didn't really see the layback / music doesn't sound middle eastern anymore - don't know what it is / ftwrk 2z - her jumps are small but nice air pos / spirals are soso / combo spin included a bad beillman that shouldn't have been tried / 22.42 currently 8th /

CAN Charlotte Belair Start No: 9
Notes: blue shading to darker at hem - pretty colour / 1z - not much ftwrk into it / summertime then into a porgy & bess medley / 3s hand down tight but right in front of me and she got the revs /flysit was ok / 2a / combo spin is ok - front was very good / strt steps are simple with good speed flow / spirals are ok / 29.3 currently 6th /

CAN Natalie Kwong Start No: 10
Notes: light blue with silver sheer arms with wings - very pretty / set of twizzles both ways to start off / nice high 3s 2t / right away this is a big step up from the others - not just the jump but the speed & flow / spirals are ok / nice 2a / flysit ok tuck - nice spin / ftwrk 2z almost with a delay / layback is fast with very nice movement into beillman / strt steps have good complixity and speed / combo spin is very good / bar far the best skate / 39.86 currently 1st

CAN Kristy Dobson Start No: 11
Notes: black on one side white on other - four seasons / 3? Fell - I'm not sure if it was a loop or a sal or a toe - takeoff came very quickly out of a bit of unusual setup / I missed a couple of things puzzling over that jump / 2a - nice / O ftwrk flowed - bit slow though / layback with beillman / 2z had it then fell / combo spin is slow but with nice pos & very nice inside edge on back sit / 29.34 currently 7th /

CAN Brooke Paulin Start No: 12
Notes: black halter tuxedo front with white shirt effect / ragtime piano / spread eagle 2a - nicely done / flysit not much fly or tuck -good spin / spirals are ok but music is really fast & jazzy & doesn't go with spirals / think 2f2t not sure for combo / ftwrk 2z fell - rotated / this should be a fun program and some of the movement is but just not enough - there's very little relationhip between her & the music - she needs to sell it / 27.86 currently 11th

CAN Shannon Blackburn Start No: 13
Notes: mauve with square neckline & 3/4 sleeves / soft piano with some nice chor into layback - nice pos - travelled / nice movement to the music / spirals are nice with a spread eagle in middle / 2f2t quite a wrap / flysit with nice tuck & pos variation in spin - slow spin / 2a under rot fell out / her edge quality needs work - can hear a fair bit of scratching / ftwrk 2z / combo spin is ok / strt ftwrk into closing pos / 27.80 currently 12th /

CAN Katherine Roy Start No: 14
Notes: red sation with silver sequin design on bodice and hips / spanish guitar? / very nice 2a / back cam sit front cam sit layback upright - nice spin centered / 3s 2ft think rotated very tight on landing don't think she got the 2nd jump off / layback is ok / O ftwrk is fairly complex & with music - slow / 2 tano lutz / spirals are ok / flysit - nice fly & tuck spin pos could be lower, but good speed on spin / 30.50 currently 5th /

CAN Stefani Marotta Start No: 15
Notes: pretty dusty pink velvet with light pink around top / soft piano - familiar / 3t2t / 2a / some nice movement to music / flysit- ok fly - very nice spin / 2z with a bit of ftwrk into it / she has nice flow / spirals we soso - really slowed at end but no worse than many of the others - just seemed weak in comparison to the rest of her skating / O ftwrk flows nicely with music / back cam donut sit to inside edge to forward sit to catch foot - very nice spin / 35.70 currently 3rd /

CAN Katherine De Repentigny Start No: 16
Notes: pink velvet / violin - melodic / 3t2t / 2a is nice / flysit not much tuck - ok spin / lots of ftwrk into 2z / she uses her whole body really nicely to express the music / O ftwrk was very nice / combo spin is ok as are the spirals / very nice layback to finish / 38.18 currently 2nd /

CAN Alexandrine Chong Start No: 17
Notes: multi-shades of pastel colours / nice chor to start - nice arms / 2f2t / 2a stood up but think short rot / spiral with COE both forward & backward / nice diag steps / combo spin is fast & centered with good pos / ftwrk 2 tano z / flysit weak on landing of spin / layback with pos variations is nice / 30.36 currently 8th /

CAN Marie-Christine Cloutier Start No: 18
Notes: black with with cream around top - sparkly / 2a / layback is good / some nice chor / I missed the very beginning of her program / 3s went up crooked fell after just over 2 revs / 2z / strt ftwrk is nicely done / combo spin to end / enjoyable program - she skated to the music and it was well- choreographed / 31.5 currently 6th /