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Thread: Eastern - Junior Men Short

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    Eastern - Junior Men Short

    CAN Michael Zatylny Start No: 1
    Notes: shades of light blue top navy pants with light lbue down one leg / slower emoting music & matching movement / ftwrk pause 3z rotated step out / combo spin with nice front cam sit back cam sit slow xfoot / 3t3t both hands down on 2nd one / O ftwrk is expressive & quite complex / spread eagle 2a bit wild on landing / flysit with good fly nice spin pos - bit slow / strt ftwrk with mistake just after middle of it / camel spin to end is a bit slow but nice extension / 39.14 currently 1st /

    CAN Lars Anderson Start No: 2
    Notes: black shirt & pants with white tie / jazzy blues / flysit with good pos & speed including broken leg / 3t2t - or was it a 3s? / cam ch cam is slow & could use more extension - centered / 3z under rot both hands down / O ftwrk is a bit wild in his body control - lots of twizzles / 2a / combo spin starts backwards - some nice pos & speed but also a bit sloppy in places / diag ftwrk is fairly complex - again lots of twizzles / 37.25 currently 2nd /

    CAN Justin L Piette Start No: 3
    Notes: bright yellow shirt with white collar & cuffs black suspenders & black & white striped tie / big band / nice sustained spread eagle into 2a / 3t2t bit of trouble on landing of 2t / cam ch cam pretty much lost it on change - short revs on back / ftwrk 2z / diag ftwrk really used the musc well with variation of levels / back flysit - don't think I've ever seen one before - it was only a soso fly & spin but interesting to see / O ftwrk again was interesting - held my attention / back combo spin with some nice variations / very musical program and he skated very well to it - thoroughly enjoyed it and it looked like he was enjoying it too / 36.31 currently 3rd /

    CAN Ian Martinez Start No: 4
    Notes: black vest & pants with grey & black diag striped shirt / 2a from back 3turn / tango de roxanne / O ftwrk is quite good / 3f2t nicely done / there's some really good moments of attitude & chor & others where it's really lacking but on the whole he's doing quite well with it / combo spin is well done / 3z & I think I saw a bit of fist pump / cam ch cam really slow on back & leg a bit droopy but think he got the revs in / strt steps are good / fly sit to end is good / good skate and he's really happy with it as is the crowd from Quebec at the end cheering him along all the way through / 46.94 currently 1st /

    CAN Jacob Povzikov Start No: 5
    Notes: black shirt & pants with bit of bright blue seqins on collar / italian folk music with clapping / 3z nice tight air pos - kind of stumbled out of it / cam ch cam back started out good but almost lost it on last rev / music slows for O ftwrk that was really nice / 2a / back cam sit front cam sit L / music picks up for lead in to combo jump 2t 2t / flysit with good fly & low pos / strt steps are with music / 30.24 currently 5th /

    CAN Kevin Dawe Start No: 6
    Notes: black & red shirt black pants - muddy colours / some nice chor to start / 2a turnout / cam ch cam just made the revs on back - free leg pos is weak / 3s fell / flysit pretty good tuck and quite good spin / strt ftwrk is ok / 2f / music might be Peter Gabrial of some sort - driving beat in back ground / O ftwrk is with the music / combo spin (aside from weak camel) is well done / there was a fair bit of good stuff in this program and he worked hard on it - his general skating skills need some work / 28.45 currently 6th /

    CAN Joey Russell Start No: 7
    Notes: black vest & pants grey & white striped shirt / gershwin? / some nice chor to start / ftwrk 3z rotated bit of funny step out / 3s3l / flysit could use more tuck on fly - spin is very nice / I liked the S ftwrk / cam ch cam with Josee layover on back / ina into 2a / O ftwrk is very good & with music but circle was quite small / very good combo spin to end / nice program - well skated with good musicality / 47.96 currently 1st /

    CAN Jean-Simon Legare Start No: 8
    Notes: dark navy top with beige cutouts hard to describe / violin with heavy driving beat / popped ? Didn't see the takeoff / 3t2t bit loose in air / O ftwrk is good / flysit with good tuck and pos with broken leg / strt ftwrk is kind of slow - lots of twizzles / cam ch cam is very nice on front and pretty good on back / spread eagle into bailed 2a that wasn't even a real 1a / combo spin to end is ok / 37.65 currently 4th /

    CAN David Saunders Start No: 9
    Notes: white shirt with bow tie hanging around neck / sing sing sing / some nice chor with barrel rolls to get us started / ftwrk pause 2z / 3t2t feet tied up on landing of 2t / flysit is very nice low pos with broken leg / a bit of chor and into cam ch cam good pos & extension on both / really enjoyed the diag ftwrk - right with music into O ftwrk very similar - well chor'd to music & he was selling it / combo spin is very nice - very good pos ending in xfoot - all of it a bit slow / 2a with both hands down / 32.87 currently 7th /

    CAN Kevin Darwish Start No: 10
    Notes: black with red V design & belt effect / flysit is well done - nice tuck & spin / tangoish / 3z turnout but hung on / 3a might have made the full rot fell / cam ch cam to donut / into O ftwrk and now we see some tango attitude from him - / back cam sit open leg front sit upright / strt steps are well chor'd / Looks like he's thinking through the program too much and not 'letting it happen' / 2a / 42.33 currently 3rd /

    CAN Jamie Forsythe Start No: 11
    Notes: dark navy velvet with white diag jagged band around his body / some chor to music / 3l2t / bad pick on lutz didn't get off ice / cam ch cam is lovely with inside edge & pos variations / strt steps with nice level variations / spread eagle turns 3a came out early on 2 feet? Not quite sure what happened / flysit - I didn't really see it / music changes & picks up for O ftwrk that expresses it well / combo spin to end is excellent - finished a little behind music / 40.38 currently 4th /

    CAN Karolin Metivier Start No: 12
    Notes: dark navy blue with grey shading / expressive chor to piano trills / ftwrk 3z - very nicely done / very good speed & flow / 3s don't know how he landed it - really weird 1t / then I missed a spin - cam ch cam/ strt steps / he's got great feel for and is right with his music / lovely fly sit / 2a right on beat of music / I like the way he moves - very graceful and masculine at the same time / O ftwrk / combo spin to end / 45.90 currently 3rd /

    CAN Jason Baker Start No: 13
    Notes: red tshirt with black trim at collar & sleeves / a whole lot of skating doing not much into 2a / 2z from ftwrk / flysit is very nice / lost it going into the cam ch cam - never got spin going /3s 2ft fell - think rotated though / O ftwrk / trouble getting into cam of combo spin and then never really got the spin back until the xfoot at the end / 23.75 total

    CAN Christopher Tesseyman Start No: 14
    Notes: black on one side white on other / missed the 1st part - computer re-starting / 3t2t / cam ch cam - very slow on back - think he made the revs / 1a / flysit is very good /s ftwrk / ftwrk 2z / cam pos on spins is very weak, but his sit is very good / 27.64 currently 13 /

    CAN Simon Beaudoin Start No: 15
    Notes: black with gold braid trim down front & hem of tunic effect / 2a / very nice 3z / flysit was gorgeous until he caugt his free foot on a change of pos / 3t2t / cam ch cam has wonderful entension on free leg, but it seems to take him a rev to get the spin centered before he hits the extension / O ftwrk / excellent combo spin / it was a 'peaceful' feeling program - kind of melancholy music / something I really liked about this program / 45.24 currently 4th /

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    Thank you so much Rosaleen - a shinig star of the skating world in Canada (and of course I'm delighted to see Joey in the lead)

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    A 3s/3l from Joey - wow! (it's been my favourite combo ever since Kurt was doing them)

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