CAN Vajko / Ma Start No: 1
Notes: withdrew - don’t know why

CAN Steele / Johnson Start No: 2
Notes: she's in pink him in black vest & pants white shirt / jazzy blues / nice movement to start / clean nice looking 2 tw / they're moving well together with music / sbs 2z in sync / sbs spins were great until the last rev or so when they got out of sync - great pos that matched / press lift to platter is well done / sbs steps with music & in sync / thr 2 loop / travelling into fids well done / air spin cam he goes over top into cam sit upright / great program & well skated - good 'pairness ' / 36.23 /

CAN Miyaoka / Charette Start No: 3
Notes: both in purple / summertime / set the mood nicely / 2tw is a bit low just made the revs / nice thr 2l / hip to star to one hand nice set down / sbs fly cm sit upright on other foot pretty good sync - not perfect / sbs 2a bit out of sync and neither was perfect but they did it / sbs ftwrk is fairly complex sync was just that little bit off / gorgeous death spiral 2-3 revs I think - she has great pos / pair spin is well-don - nice camel pos / 33.04 currently 2nd /