CAN Christopher Tesseyman Start No: 1
Notes: didn't see him skate, busy talking to people 50.74 tot 78.38 currently 1st /
CAN David Saunders Start No: 2
Notes: dark navy with diag red bands across chest & back / a bit of chor to the opening phrases / 3t fell out / 2z pick slipped going in / he's relating well to his music / big death drop with nice fast low spin / O ftwrk is quite simple but goes with music well / music changes & slows to piano and some chor to match / 2l lean in air hads down / fly forward sit poor fly very nice spin / 2s / strt steps are ok bit more complex than O / music picks up again and so does he / 3s almost held landing but not quite / 3s fell / he isn't giving up though / nice 2a / back cam almost lost it into sit with pos variations & xfoot / 54.10 tot 86.97 currently 1st /
CAN Jacob Povzikov Start No: 3
Notes: black with bit of silver going from neck down sides / dark music with some chor into very nice flysit / very nice 3t2t2l - I like his air pos / music is picking up into 2z / 3s lean fell / cam ch cam with gorgeous extension & nice speed / music is kind of melancholy and O ftwrk to match it - quite liked it / 3f fell - credible attempt might have made revs / 3s fell / fan spiral turns into 2a turns 2t hand down / into far corner with a pause before diag ftwrk as music completely changes again / spread eagle / 2s turns 2t / back cam had to hop sit forward cam with another hop to hold it sit / 57.53 tot 87.11 currently 1st /
CAN Jason Baker Start No: 4
Notes: black shirt with bit of diag design in silver / 2a late turns out / 2l / O ftwrk doesn't have a lot to it - part way through before I realized it was the O ftwrk / 2t / nice ina as music has softened / ? Jump didn't really see it / combo spin with nice sit pos ending in xfoot / music picks up again 3s 2ft / bailed on z /xfoot spin / strt steps also are quite simple / bailed on 2a / spread eagle right into 2z nicely done / flysit spin - bit of trouble after landing / ended way before music / 48.74 tot 72.49 currently 4th /

CAN Kevin Dawe Start No: 5
Notes: beige top with bit of gold trm at waist burgundy pants / a bit of chor to start us off / 2a2t not really pretty but clean / 3s fell / O ftwrk is chor to music and he's doing ok with it fair bit of one-foot skating / 3s fell / he's using his music fairly well / nice spread eagle ina section / 2l / flysit to inside edge / 2f2t wild on landing of toe / upright spin with variations / music is fairly sticatto for strt steps that are ok / 2a hand down / 2z / 2f / trav 3's into back cam sit ch cam sit to tuck / 56.69 tot 85.14 currently 3rd /

CAN Michael Zatylny Start No: 6
Notes: red with black shiny tunic type top / star wars / some chor to start it off and around the end of the rink and back for 3z3t - nice tight air pos & fast rot / 2a2t / O ftwrk is with music fairly complex, maybe a bit slow / 3z from almost a dead stop landed at a dead stop fully rot with hands down / then I missed a jump / nice combo spin with good pos - maybe a little slow / 2f / there's something weird in his jump technique that I can't quite put my finger on / 3s I think / music has picked up and very dramatic strt steps that had too many stops for my liking / fast low sit ch sit with pos variations / ina / 2a / high fly sit with good tuck almost had trouble on landing but got it back / 3s2t2l into closing pose / 78.50 tot 117.64 currently 1st /

CAN Lars Anderson Start No: 7
Notes: sparkly black top with red belt - spanish / yep, spanish guitar & some chor to start / 3z fell rot / 3s turns out 2t / fly sit with good tuck & very nice spin fast & low with variations / 3t2t / 2a / back cam with partial layover sit to inside edge to back sit with broken leg then xfoot - pretty good / spirals 3l fell / 3t / I just watched some footwork that I enjoyed but have no idea if it was part of a seq and if so what shape / 3s fell out hand down / diag steps with lots of twizzles / 1a / 71.54 tot 108.79 currently 2nd /

CAN Justin L Piette Start No: 8
Notes: white with darker colours on one side - batik / 2a2t2l bit of trouble on landing of l / big set up into 3f fell thin kshort rot / fly back sit with good speed & pos to inside edge / 3t / music is soft & melodic now and I thought there'd be some chor but wasn't really any / 3l just hung on / spread eagles into 1z - bad pick / nice combo spin & his belt came undone so he took it off and threw it into a corner of the ice/ ? Jump fell / diag steps were missing something / 2a / O ftwrk is slow - fairly complex and had some relation to music / back sit is fast to inside edge to front sit - both had good low positions / 64.61 tot 100.92 currently 3rd /
CAN Jean-Simon Legare Start No: 9
Notes: dark maroon velvet with gold braid V to waist & same belt / dramatic opening music & some chor / 3z had it then sat / nice ina / 3f hand down / big waltz jump into ? / bailed on sal / familiar folk type music now / multiple 3turns into 3l hand down / O ftwrk goes with music but a little slower than the music / fly back sit spin to 1/2 sit with arms stretch behind back / popped z / 3t2t hand down on 2t / flysit with good fly & low pos to broken leg - spin a little slow / 3t / strt steps kept up the speed better / back cam is loopy into multiple sit variations - sit part of spin was nice / 66.29 tot 103.94 currently 3rd /
CAN Jamie Forsythe Start No: 10
Notes: shades of brown & beige wrap effect top brown pants / dark piano slow music / 2z / nice high 2a / nice inside spiral into 3l just hung on / pretty good combo spin - nice pos speed is a little slow / 3t2t2l / there's been some nice bits of chor & transistions / spin with leg in front that looked poor - should do it if you can't do it & look good / nice 2a / back catch knee spiral into 3s fell - short rot / 3t fell / diag steps right with music & some nice dramatic flair / 3l2t just hung on to toe / fly sit nice & fast & low twisted pos / dramatic move into final pose / this is a well-chor program and he uses the music well / 78.01 tot 188.39 currently 1st / .
CAN Ian Martinez Start No: 11
Notes: white shirt with elbow length sleeves & dark grey pants & tie / bluesy- jazzy sax / some neat chor playing to judges / swing now / 2a2t nice & quiet jumper / 2a / fly back sit is ok nice pos could be lower / 3s turns 3t step out / nice edges & flow / 3t fell / summertime now and some chor / 2f / back fast xfoot / he's losing his belt too still hanging there / 2f / bit of trouble on cam to start combo spin - rest of spin was pretty good / 2l / O ftwrk starts with nice set of twizzles / he's losing a bit of his connection to music / strt steps start out good but slow down on 2nd half / 3s fell under rot / 69.05 tot 116.00 currently 3rd /
CAN Joey Russell Start No: 12
Notes: dark green with ogld down front & legs / carmen / with some very nice chor to the bells / music is picking up speed softly / 3s2tano t right on beat of music / 2a landed right on beat of music / 2f2t2l / back twisted sit to arms extended / O ftwrk chor'd right to music - maybe a bit simple / 3l hands down very tight / some more chor right with music - this is a good program too music good stuff to describe / 2z didn't go up right / death drop to sinisde edge to twisted / 3t3t fell on 2nd one / 3s / spread eagle turn 2a / strt steps are nicely done / cam sit inside edge L twisted back sit upright / 85.87 tot 133.83 currently 1st /

CAN Kevin Darwish Start No: 13
Notes: dark navy with fushia vertical stripes on shirt / flamenco / and some chor to match / 3z / 3a very well done ! / str steps move pretty well and go very well with music / 3s / pause for music change - slow & melodic and some emoting type chor to go with it / nice spread eagle ina section with good arms / 3f / 2a2t / back cam sit open leg front sit - nice spin but needs more extension on free leg of cam / 3z2t / 2f / O ftwrk big grin as he start it - went well with music / 3t2t1l / fly sit with great tuck and nice fast low spin / deat drop in fast spin with inside edge / and boy he is happy and so he should be GREAT SKATE / 99.89 tot 142.22 currently 1st / .

CAN Simon Beaudoin Start No: 14
Notes: black with diag gold band across chesst & bronze on one sleeve / 3? Hand down / 3t2t / 3z step out hand down / lovely air pos - tight rot / cam spin with gorgeous extension into donut / 2a / 3s had it - maybe long enough - then fell / ina / 2t / 2f kind of gave up on the landing of it / upright spin with pos variations / 2? Couldn't tell if it was a s or t / strt steps are ok / spiral into O ftwrk that flowed well but didn't have enough to it / 2a just hung on / cam tuck sit upright almost lost it changing to back sit then upright / 72.27 tot 117.51 currently 5th /
CAN Karolin Metivier Start No: 15
Notes: black with yellow vertical band down one side of chest / dramatic music & chor to start goes with it / 2a 2t / I know this music and it's bugging me / 3z fast into very pretty in air / 2s / turns 3s / flysit sith very good tuck & nice low fast pos with variations / music slows and some emoting chor to go with it / 2a / popped flip / 3z tough fall on side and slid / combo spin is fast on front with very good pos variations / strt steps beit of blaance check 1/3 through it - it was a bit simple from then to the end / 3s2t / O ftwrk is chor with the music / butterfly back sit with variaitons / 89.38 tot 135.28 currently 2nd /.