I only saw the last group skate

CAN Jean-Michel Bouchard Start No: 18
Notes: yellow shirt black pants / 3t pitched forward maybe hand down / 2a under rot? 2l definitely under rot / ? Jump / very nice combo spin / music is now bluesy and some chor / 3s fell think rot / 2z / he's a bit awkward in the air on most of his jumps/ nice 2a / flycam with good speed and pretty good pos / music picks up again for O ftwrk with some nice moves to the music / 2f1t not pretty but clean / combo spin close to losing it on the switch to back cam / 45.4 tot in french & didn't hear it /

CAN Jackson Wood Start No: 19
Notes: he won the short / black tshirt & pants / 1z / nice fly cam with pretty good pos / 3s landed then hopped out / a bit of chor as the music changes & slows to jazzy blues - really nice chor piece / 2a fell / 3t sat think he could have had it / 2f2t / back cam sit xfoot - nice spin - could use a bit more speed / strt ftwrk / walley walley 2l / fell just skating backwards / back cam sit 1/2 sit forward sit 1/2 sit / nice & musical skater / 37.64 tot 63.48 currently 3rd /

CAN Paul Parkinson Start No: 20
Notes: dark blue with light blue & white diag on one side / nice fly combo spin ending in xfoot / 3s fell under rot / death drop to nice fast low sit / pick slipped going into flip / bailed in air on 2z / bohemian rhapsody - knew I knew the music / strt ftwrk is ok / nice 2a easily done / cam sit L back cam sit upright variation - very nice spin / 2a hand down 1t / spread eagle turns 2l - nice looking seq of moves / 2t 1t 1t bit of a messy set of jumps / some chor into final pose as the music fades / 36.29 tot 61.13 currently 6th /

CAN Simon Drouin Start No: 21
Notes: dark navy with various shades in top / 3? Probably a sal Someone block me from takeoff / 3t nice / 2l / nice upright spin variations with open leg & xfoot very good speed / 2a2t bit forard on landing of both but held off putting his hand down / he's not really listening to his music / 2f / cam nice extension sit 1/2 with variations / bad pick on 2z & bailed / strt steps are ok / 2f1t / cam A sit back cam bent leg pretty good pos except the back cam is very weak / 43.93 tot 68.63 currently 2 /

CAN Samuel Morais Start No: 22
Notes: white shirt black pants / 2a2t2l nice combo / back cam pos is weak sit then some variations - not bad but a bit slow / 2z2t? Not sure was blocked a bit / 3s bit unsteady on landing but clean / flycam with nice fly pretty good pos into sit to xfoot / 2a hopped out / he hunches his shoulders going into his jumps / 2z fell / trav 3 turns into 1a / good xfoot spin / strt steps are soso / ? Jump fell sliding on stomach / 39.75 tot 65.44 currently 3rd /

CAN Andrei Rogozine Start No: 23
Notes: grey velour one piece with orange heart on chest / very nice combo spin to start ending in fast xfoot / 3s2t nicely done / 2? Missed takeoff / ftwrk into 2a2t - nice air pos on his jumps / 2z / cam sit upright var back sit upright var - good spin / 3s / this kid has extension to spare - really nice / some chor to slower music /spread eagle 2a / S ftwrk very dramatic & uses his who body - very yags and the music is one of the epic movies / 2f I think I missed it / 53.43 tot 78.54 currently 1st /