CAN Andrew Lum Start No: 1
Notes: red satin shirt black pants / great chor to start / nice easy 2a / he's fast / 3s turns out 2t / cam sit 1/2 twisted back cam 1/2 sit open leg - good speed - back cam pos a bit weak / ftwrk full length of ice into 2z / pause for some more chor / flycam good speed & centered with pretty good extension / O ftwrk is fast & complex uses whole body / back xfoot makes revs with good speed / good skate / 31.75 currently 1st /
CAN Marcel Rossetto Start No: 2
Notes: red satin shirt with gold button / tango type moves to start / 2a / 3t under rot fell / back xfoot has good speed / flycam with excellent speed & layover - nice pos / O ftwrk moves well with music - big moves / 2z stelp out / cam sit tuck back cam bit wobbly sit upright xfoot - front half of spin was excellent - back ok / 21.57 currently 2nd /
CAN Braden Davie Start No: 3
Notes: dark blue tshirt with black pants & suspenders / sing sing sing / ftwrk 2z fell - didn't look right going up / flycam bit slow but made the revs with ok pos / 2a under rot 2ft but stood up on it / xfoot is ok / he needs to sell the music a bit more / O ftwrk is simple & doesn't quite match the music / 2f turnout 2t / cam sit back sit upright - excellent combo spin / and then missed his pick to stop for closing pose and landed on his rear - poor kid / 18.07 currently 3rd /
CAN Robert Schultz Start No: 4
Notes: black & red spanish with hanging bits off pants / 3t2t is very nice / 2z no ftwrk / flycam ok spin pos a bit weak / O ftwrk is with music / cam sit upright ch sit xfoot - pretty good spin - speed on sit is very good & nice pos / 2a good height / xfoot spred up part way through - very nicely done / good skate / 29.88 currently 2nd /

CAN Sasha Wells Start No: 5
Notes: black with red suspenders / swing - familiar / 2z not much in the way of steps into it / flycam with excellent speed & pos / bit of chor / 3s almost hand down 1t / O ftwrk is chor'd well with music / 2a nice / cam upright tuck to sit ch sit 1/2 sit - nice spin / forward xfoot sped up - nice spin / he has a nice quality to his skating - needs to project more / 25.98 currently 3rd /
CAN Charles Morris Start No: 6
Notes: black with red bands around chest & upper arms / flycam very good speed to catchfoot / fast salsa sounding music / 2a landed on 2 feet hard / cobmo spin with jumpover to back - got a bit slow but nicely done / O ftwrk is ok / ftwrk 2z / 2f2t / back xfoot with arms over head / pretty good skate - not a lot of connection to the music / 26.72 currently 3rd /
CAN Brandon Prete Start No: 7
Notes: navy vest & pants over white shirt / swing / 3t2t nicely done / flycam centered with good speed leg a little droopy / 2a 2ft / cam sit A back sit inside edge upright - travelled a lot - sit pos were good & fast / O ftwrk is ok - pretty much with music / ftwrk pause 2z / xfoot to end - not sure if 6 rev in position / didn't quite sell it / 25.94 currently 4th /
CAN Dustin Aucoin Start No: 8
Notes: red shirt black pants / 2z turns out high jump / music is drums / 3s rot hand down fell / fly cam fas spin with very good pos / spread eagle turns 1a / cam sit A back sit inside edge xfoot - good speed & nice pos / O ftwrk is ok / xfoot is GREAT fast & centered & sustained / 23.39 currently 5th /

CAN Ben Koenderink Start No: 9
Notes: white shirt with black trim & narrow strip shiny pants / ragtime piano / 2a / 2f2t / flycam bit slow with ok pos - needs more extension / ftwrk 2z / cam sit upright var back sit tuck - ok spin - sit very nice / O ftwrk seems to be missing something / back xfoot very nice fast with arms overhead / he's happy with that skate / 24.34 currently 5th /
CAN Patrick Wong Start No: 10
Notes: silver lame tshirt navy pants with silver down one leg / mario bros / great chor to start / 2a / chor at end of rink / 3t2t very easily done / xfoot is very good / O ftwrk is with the music & fairly complex / flycam good speed & pos to bent leg layover / ftwrk length of ice right into 2z / cam sit L back sit inside edge xfoot to end - nice spin / good skate / 33.79 currently 1st /
CAN Daniel Soch Start No: 11
Notes: black with white line down one side of body & white collar - effective / dark slow music & effective chor / combo spin is well done - back cam pos needs extension / ftwrk 2z / he's expressing the music well / 2a under rot 2feet / flycam pretty good extension & good speed / not quite sure what the 1st jump of combo was 2f1l ? / I missed the xfoot spin (trying to figure out what the combo was) 20.77 currently 9th /
CAN Robbie Harrison Start No: 12
Notes: black tshirt with 'rock star' on front & jeans / nice chor to start with music / flycam is centered good speed & pretty good pos / 3s hopped out 2t just pulled it out / O ftwrk is with music & fairly complex right into 2a not really pretty but clean / spread eagles into back shoot duck ended up sitting on ice / combo spin starts out a bit weak but improved with excellent xfoot / ftwrk 2z / xfoot to end is very good & fast / not the program he wanted / did everything perfectly in warmup / 26.35 currently 5th /

CAN Matthew Penasse Start No: 13
Notes: black long sleeve tshirt & pants with '2' on back / back xfoot is good / bit of chor with moody music - now it picks up with fast drum solo / 3t2t / trav 3's into flycam that just made the revs - got a bit slow / ftwrk into 2z / 2a / O ftwrk is complex and with music slowed down a bit toward end / combo spin is ok - got a bit weak & slow towards / 26.9 currently 4th /
CAN Evan Gammon Start No: 14
Notes: black with shiny red on one side chest / 2a nice & soft / 3f think it was rot both hands down / O ftwrk is with music but a little slow if fairly complex / xfoot is ok / not much connection to music ftwrk 2z / cam with bit of layover sit upright variaiton s back sit inside edge tuck / 30.91 currently 3rd /
CAN Mervin Tran Start No: 15
Notes: black vest & pants pink shirt / pink panther / bit of chor to start off - right with music / flycam nice fly spin was weak & short revs - did a nice on in warmup / 3t fell / O ftwrk is a bit slower than the music / xfoot travelled lpretty good speed / ftwrk 2z / cam with nice extension sit ch back end was very slow too slow / 2a to end is good / he left his best stuff on warmup / 23.06 currently 12 th /

CAN Joel Beales Start No: 16
Notes: top is shades of grey & black one black & one whte glove / 2a bit tight on landing hung on / xfoot was short revs I think / 3s 2toeaxel / ftwrk 2z / flycam very weak pos spin was centered though with good speed / O ftwrk is a little empty but moves very well with music & is quite fast / combo spin sit pos are very good with good speed / 22.2 currently 13th /

CAN Andrew Pugh Start No: 17
Notes: dark brown tshirt & pants / some nice chor to start / chevrons on his sleeve / 3s 2ft turnout didn't get 2nd jump off / 2a rot but free foot stuck going through / xfoot is very nice / O ftwrk is complex but a bit raggedly skated / combo spin is quite well done / ftwrk pause 2z / flycam lovely extended pos / 21.1 currently 15th /