CAN Boutin / Joncas Start No: 1
Notes: black & white her skirt is polka dots / swing - blues / nice chor to start / huge 2 tw light & airy nice catch / sbs 2a out of sync but think clean / thr 2l / sbs spins were great until she came up early from sit and then way out too bad / hip lift to star is pretty good / music has picked up for sbs ftwrk incharacter & quite weel done / fids very nice - she goes down really nicely almost 3 revs / pair spin is excellent / very nice program - they skated it with the music & it was well-choreographed / 37.44 currently 1st /

CAN Moscovitch / Moscovitch Start No: 2
Notes: withdrew - medical bye - injury

CAN Osmond / Beaulieu Start No: 3
Notes: her in red catsuit with black on lower legs him in black with red bits hanging off one sleeve / cathc foot into fids he changes pivot from back to front - nicely done / 2tw is clean with her arms overhead / paint it black / sbs 2z / flycam sit upright ch sit upright a tiny bit out of sync all the way through / big thr 2l / hip lift didn't quite get up there - he tried really hard but just wasn't going to happen / O ftwrk is musical / pair spin is ok / 33.84 currently 2nd /

CAN Gagnon / Tsagris Start No: 4
Notes: black - she had a silver sequin 'necklace' / opening moves have a 'romantic feel' / 2 tw is clean / sbs 2z in sync / they're fairly fast compared to the last 2 teams / hip lift to one hand star / pair spin - nested cam to opposing cam to crouch - bit slow / thr 2l is ok / sbs fly cam sit upright ch sit - out of sync all the way through / sbs steps - she had bit of slip 1/3 way in / shoot duck into fids is ok 1 rev / 31.86 currently 3rd /
CAN Lavigne / Dufour Start No: 5
Notes: her in white with bit of light blue & pink him in white shirt with big collar / nice opening moves to piano chords / hip lift to star - didn't like his footwork - very short lift / 2tw wasn't high but nice catch / thr 2l / sbs 3t she stepped out he was clean / sbs spins were close together and in pretty good sync / travelling entrance to fids / sbs ftwrk was complex and with music bit slow / pair spin was nice - exit a bit sloppy / 31.48 currently 4th
CAN Maheu / Cote Start No: 6
Notes: white with diag band of copper across chest / fast dramatic music / 2tw is clean with arms overhead but very small / facing spread eagles into sbs 2z she 2ft / sbs spins were fast on front and in good sync throughout / hip lift to one hand star to platter covered lots of ice - nicely done / thr 2l / O ftwrk flowed really well and right with music / front shoot duck into fids she then does a catch foot in the spiral - nicely done / pair spin good sped & nice positions / 37.92 currently 1st /
CAN Coolin / Sutherland Start No: 7
Notes: him in brown vest & pants beige shirt her in light turqoise / life is beautiful / thr 3l think under rot but very close fell out / 2tw is good / they seem to be skating cautiously / sbs 2a she under rot 2feet / fids 2 revs anyway / sbs fly cam sit upright chg sit upright - very good sync - nicely done / sbs steps are pretyt good / hip lift to one hand star with unusual upside down exit / pair spin is pretty god but very slow / 31.80 currently 5th / .

CAN Leclerc / Babin Start No: 8
Notes: her in black with gold & red trim him in red shirt black pants / spanish / 2tw is small & a bit crashy / carmen / hip lift to star no pos change - he moves quite well / sbs 2z in sync - nice / sbs fly cam sit inside edge ch sit in and out of sync - very nice when in / thr 2l is clean but tiny / pair spin is ok maintained speed / sbs steps are ok / fids is good / 32.30 currently 4th /

CAN Mailling / Welsh Start No: 9
Notes: no show???

CAN Kirkland / Radford Start No: 10
Notes: him in black her in light blue / very balletic moves into pair spin - nicely done / 2tw is nicely done / sbs 2z / thr 2l / hip to one hand star to reverse one hand star nice set down / sbs fly cam sit inside edge ch sit sideways layback - FANTASTIC sync & lovely matching pos / sbs steps are very good / fids with pivot change back to front her with pos changes / didn’t get score, but currently 1st /