Lois - Again your defense of Poetsch for winning the gold medal is so strong. It makes me wonder why?

You mentioned Sports Illustrated for not saying anything wrong with it as some sort of proof. Yet, you say nothing about Scott Hamilton's remarks about how it was fixed - especially in the figures competition. It's so easy and always was easy to play hanky panky with the figures. So a news magazine knows more than an Olympic gold medalist for you.

From my viewing of the competition, Ms Poetsch was nothing more than imposter. And that alone leads me to believe that the fix was based on Hamilton's story about Cousins (whom you apparently think the world of).

But you don't have to fret. The competition is over. Your Poetsch got the gold as did Mr. Cousins. But there is nothing wrong with others believing that it should not have been. Hanky panky in figure skating is not a new concept.