Carlo Fassi is a fascinating character to me. I wish he had written a tell-all book before he passed away. Certainly he hinted many times that there was more to winning a gold medal than what you did on the ice. Also important (so it was widely believed at the time) was the political clout of your coach and the support of your federation and its allies behind closed doors.

I have nothing against Frank Carroll, and I think that he and especially Lori Nichol did a wonderful job in guiding Michelle Kwan toward the pinacle of perfection that we are seeing in her skating now. But Carroll did say some inappropriately blunt things about Fassi at the time of Fassi's death.

I personally did not start following figure skating until 1992 (when I fell in love with Kristi, LOL), so I was interested to learn on this thread that Jan Hoffmann was considered a technically competent but "wooden" performer. As a judge, he consistently rewarded artistry over technical skill -- Oksana over Nancy in 1994, Michelle over Tara in 1998.