I received numerous e-mails today from a person who refused to give his/her name, but was very demanding and pointed about a long list of tapes he/she wanted. The tapes were wanted to be done a specific way, on specific tapes -- and he/she was extremely interested in how fast I could get them to him/her.

I repsonded by saying that some of what he/she wanted were not on my list, also that I didn't feel I could supply what he/she wanted and ended with a friendly suggestion that he/she post at one of the forums listing his/her request -- that this might bring the results wanted.

At that point this person apparently became angry and sent several nasty posts to me, one of which stated that I shouldn't offer tapes if I couldn't do them, and I won't even tell you some of the other things this person said, it was very childish and unkind.

As I am sure is the case with many of you, I do the tapes as a labor of love, to share what I have with others. I certainly don't do it to make money! Nor do I do it expecting to have to put up with nastiness being flung to me via the internet!

Just a caution to others out there -- beware of someone who wants a long list of tapes, might come in several posts, wants them SP -- from SP tapes (not all of mine are) -- and wants EXCEPTIONAL quality and wants them at a very fast turn-around time frame. This person uses the term "Bullet" and "Form Q" -- as in corporate buisness.

I'm afraid I am just not "corporate" enough for this person!

Take care everyone -- and have happy days.