I am so excited that I finished the first two volumes of Legends On Ice Video CD.

Many Thanks to Rita and Gayle for their kind efforts giving out great copies of skating videos

Legends On Ice VIDEO CD Volume One

Gillis Grafstorm
Sonia Henie (Wonderful Lutz jump)
Carol Heiss
Tenley Albright
David and Hayes Jenkins
Dick Button (First double axel and triple loop)
Maria and Otto Jelinek
Donald Jackson (First Triple Lutz)
propotov's (Moonlight Sonata)
Peggy Fleming
Gabby Seifert
Tim Wood
James & Judy
Jojo Starbuck
Ken Shelly (Only US Men's and Pair's winner)
John Petkevich
Beatrix Schuba
Janet Lynn (Looks great with her spins and bright yellow gown)
Blumber and Seifert
Torville and Dean's Bolero 6.0's across the board
Dorothy Hamill ( plus: Scene where she thought she's being booed and just cried)
Irina Rodnina with two partners
Tai and Randy's 1979 Worlds and 1980 tragedy
Annette Poetzch
Robin Cousins
Toller cranston
John Curry
linda Fratianne
Denise Beillman
Elaine Zayak
Rosalyn Sumners

Legends On Ice Volume Two
Brian Boitano
Brian Orser
Scott Hamilton
Katarina WItt
Debbie Thomas
Elizabeth Manley
Watson and Oppergard
Grinkov and Gordeeva
Bestimionova and Bukin
Midori Ito
Jill Trenary 1989 Nats
Tonya Harding 1991 Nats
Lu Chen rachmaninoff
Rudy Galindo 1996 nats
Todd Eldredge 2001 Worlds
Irina Slutskaya 2000 GPF
Evgeny Pluschenko 2001 Worlds
Alexei Yagudin 2002 Olys
Michelle Kwan 2002 Nats

Volume Three is a work in progress
Will Include
Elvis Stojko
Kurt Browing
Paul Wylie
Tara Lipinski
Kristi Yamaguhi
Oksana Bauil
Nancy Kerrigan
Ilia Kulik
Elena and Anton
Sale and Pelletier
Yuka Sato
Surya Bonaly
And many others

I am still looking for good copies mentioned in Volume Three hope someone help me with more contributions.