This video is in EP mode and the quality ranges is excellent with the exception of MK and IS's SPs. It consists of an Ice Time episode of great Canadian skates, the ladies short program (CTV) from 1997 Worlds, and competitive programs from the 97 Challenge Of Champions. I am asking $20 US S&H included for this tape, or $30 CDN. You can arrange to purchase this tape by e-mailing me at Performances included are:

1997 Ice Time Episode:
Liz Manley's 1988 Olympic FS
Interview with Rob Faulds
Petr/Janoschak- Cinderella
Josee Chiounard - 1993 Canadians FS
Kurt Browning - Casablanca
Brasseur/Eisler - 1994 Canadians FS
Stojko - Dragon (1994 Canadians)

1997 Worlds:
Krisztina Czako "Masquerade Waltz"
Lu Chen "Take Five"
Nicole Bobek "Moiseyev Dances"
Vanessa Gusmeroli "The Mask"
Tara Lipinski "Little Women"
Maria Butyrskaya "Egyptian Dance"
Michelle Kwan "Dream of Desdemona" (poor quality)
Irina Slutskaya "Phantom On Ice" (poor quality)
Susan Humphreys (classical)

1997 Challenge Of Champions:
Brasseur/Eisler "Because you loved me"
Urbanski/Marval "Take me as I am" (Withdrew during program due to Rocky's injury)
Novotny/Novotny "Carmen"
Kristi Yamaguchi "La Cumparisita"
Yuka Sato "La Bayadere"
Ekaterina Gordeeva "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"
Denise Biellmann "La Wally"
Usova/Zhulin "Love Story"
Roca/Sur "Time to say goodbye"
Webster/Kravette "Jets Song"