A japanese cable provider is showing all the live events without cuts (Yeah no commercials including warm ups ). I am currently doing a 6 hour tape for each events. My feed comes from BS 1, a digital satellite feed from SLC. My collection includes highlights of the opening ceremonies plus all complete warm-ups and kiss and cry scenes of all skaters. My first tape runs about 3 hours all warm-ups and performances of all pairs skaters which include the performances of the Dutch team and Tikhonv and Petrova. I am planning to record all FS events in all discipline without cuts. I'll include all warm-ups and behind the skating rink scenes to be rcorded from a digital cable source.

It's an estimate 36 hours taped performances
ALL SP and LP of Mens, Pairs and LAdies
2 days of exhibitions
and Dance's compulsories 1 & 2 plus orig dance and free dance.

But I can make a customize tape for you if you want

You can email me at AnatolyEstrella@Yahoo.com

As for picture and sound quality ... All I can say it's from a digital feed and recorded to Maxell Gold in SP mode
Finally I already finished my Volume One tape of Olys Pair 2002

It's basically almost 5 1/2 hours

It includes the ff:
Highlights of Olympic Opening Ceremonies (MK Marching and et al)
20 skaters in SP including warm-ups
20 skaters in LP including warm-ups and S/P and B/S collision caught in different angles
Podium Scene
Larry King Live Interview

The digital feed is recorded from BS 1 and being commentated by Midori Ito
Hi skating fans

Volume II of the Olys is done

Men's SP and LP programs runs at 6 1/2 hours

SP 28 skaters (All warm ups included)
LP 19 skaters (Warm up included Todd landing quad )
Plus Medal Ceremony 20 minutes

Volume III will include

Mark LUND's prediction... a dance preview
Compulsory Dance I (Top 5)
Compulsory Dance II(Top 5)
Original Dance (ALL)
FREE Dance (ALL)