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Thread: The Nitpickers and the Champ

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    the fashion sense of MK

    I would never put Michelle Kwan's skating dresses on "the Best Dressed list". That being said, ALL of the Russians (men, women, pairs, and dancers) have the worst fashion sense I've ever seen. If you say giraffe shirts, miles of illusion fabric, wrong cut dresses that make thighs look chunky, and Liberace cast off ruffled shirts are better than what Michelle has worn in the past; I will be amazed at your opinion.

    Some Yanks have given the Russians a run for their money. Tonya Harding in sea green foam skating to Batman and ZZ Top was-uh-an incongruous pairing. Ditto for the sequined dress and Jurraisic Park.

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    Re: the fashion sense of MK

    Michelle's skating dresses look beautiful when compared to the Russians but other then that it ain't working for me.
    As for nitpicking, as much as I like Sasha, I still nitpick her
    skating. I could never understand how she places so well in the SP with that horrid flutz.
    I think it's okay and as a poster above stated as long you don't bash them.

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    Re: Re: The Nitpickers and the Champ

    Originally posted by SkateFan4Life
    Hey, we wouldn't be true-blue skating fans if we did not engage in a little bit of nitpicking occasionally. As long as were aren't bashing the skaters personally, I think we have the floor to express our views. when is Timothy Goebel going to develop some true artistry to go with his awesome jumping skills? The Quad King won't win a World title on jumps alone, not unless the rest of the field self-destructs on the ice. Timothy needs to straighten his back, improve his carriage, and skate to the music. He's working with Lori Nichol, right? Look what she did with Michelle Kwan! Come on, Tim, let's go for it. when is Michael Weiss going to skate a clean long program without splattering all over ice with botched quad and triple axel attempts? He's 27 years old, for Pete's sake.
    When is he going to learn how to execute his jumps? How many years will he remain in the game before he gets it right? when is Sasha Cohen going to pull it all together -- her lovely artistry and powerful jumping -- to dominate women's figure skating? She has the talent to be the World champion through the 2006 Olympics and to win the Olympic gold medal, too. But when is she going to stop blowing long programs? When will she develop the mental toughness to handle the pressure so she can skate winning programs?

    Anybody have any answers?
    Loved the post! While we are nitpicking, I still can't get over how much I disliked Sarah's red nationals dress. It was just so awful!

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