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    If we find we can go to this event, how do we book tickets?

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    Last year there was a Trophee Eric Bompard website, with a link to purchase ticekts. I can't remember how much of it was in English, but booking was through a Ticketmaster-like agency, and they site may have been in French. (I think I used to help me through it.) I had to fax a copy of my credit card (with beginning of number blacked out) and ID to the ticket center, and a day later, I received an email to say that my account was approved, and the tickets would be sent. I received the tickets by mail in the US.

    It wasn't close to being sold out, but to get good seats, buying them in advance is important.

    Edited to add: the agency that sells the tickets is
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    You might try one of the travel agents they usally have groups going.

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