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Thread: Canadians - Senior Men Qual A - Report

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    Canadians - Senior Men Qual A - Report

    The marks were announced and only flashed on the board for a few seconds, so it was difficult to double check what I heard, so there are probably some mistakes.

    The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

    The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website (still the start orders when I posted this but the results should be here shortly)

    CAN Jeffrey Buttle Start No: 1
    Notes: Music: Samson & Delilah / navy semi sheer top over navy diag orange & green braided trim brown pants - looks much better than it sounds from my description / some neat chor to opening strains / down the ice as music builds a bit / 3f2t / chor into 3t / gorgeous inside spread eagle with arm movment to music / 3a2t nicely done / 1 foot combo spin is lovely / and some chor at centre ice that expresses the music beautifully / 3a from nowhere / dramatic stop & movement right with music / 3l / strt steps are to die for as is the ina that follows / 3z2t2l / 3s / butterfly back sit with pos variations / music changes and builds for 3z right on beat / O ftwrk - what can I say - it is great / back sit with speed & pos variations / combo spin with pos changes with the music / what a start to the event !!!!! / 75.43 78.59 tot 154.02 currently 1st /
    CAN Addrian Oleksyszak Start No: 2
    Notes: Music: Cherry Tree - Eastern European folk? By costume white blousey shirt green pants with high red boots / some nice folk type moves to open / music is 'bouncey' 3f / poppped z / 3s fell / back open leg spin that works with the music and exits on the same foot - very effective / 2a out of nowhere fell / some semi-comedic folk steps to apprpriate music - very fun & enjoyable to watch / 2t / combo spin is timed with music / some more chor that is great / 3s under rot fell / 3t / (he's also competing in Sr Dance and you can see the dancer in his O ftwrk / flycam sit / S ftwrk is a bit slow but extremely complex and with the music / 2a under rot landed on both feet / into sit ch sit / in spite of the jump problems, it was an enjoyable program to watch and chor'd with the music / 23.53 39.84 ded 3 tot 60.37 currently 2nd /
    CAN Ken Rose Start No: 3
    Notes: Music: Tangosain white shirt with black lines moving up from waist with pink accents / a bit of chor facing the judges to start / 3z3t quite a lean on the z but pulled it out nicely / music softens a bit for some chor / lots of ftwrk on one foot into 3f again on a lean but clean / 3a under rot fell / 3l / music speed up for O ftwrk that is interesting & with music / cam with excellent extention start the combo spin nice clean pos good speed & centering / fly forward sit with great fly & tuck - nice spin / pause for some emoting type chor / he's moving really well / spread eagle into 3z - pitched way forward on landing after bad lean but pulled it off again / 3f3t / flycam with great extension / strt ftwrk is very well done and with music and Linda is clapping to push him along / 3s2t / buttfly back sit to inside edge then back sit with pos variation / nice chor into ending pose / 54.90 51.32 ded 1 tot 105.22 currently 2nd /

    CAN William Lindsay Start No: 4
    Notes: yellow shirt shading to grey at waist & black pants / children of dune soundtrack / nice forward charlotte to opening chord / 2a / 3s bit underrotated and ticght but he hung onto it / 2z2t (intentional - don't think he has a 3z) / very nice sit ch sit / 3t kind of bailed after 2 revs / 2a landed on toe pick & hopped but stayed on one foot / combo spin is well done with stretched pos / he has a very nice spiral which he used to effect throughout the program / 2f turnout / 2z flipped out / O ftwrk uses whole body and the music very well - nice set of twizzles in there / 2f / back cam starts combo spin leg at side lost balance / diag ftwrk again is very expressive & with the music / walley flying forward sit is well done into closing pos / just to put things into prespective - he's 22 and his competitive record shows: 2004 National starskate 1st (gold) in the Triathalon / 23.23 32.92 ded 1 tot 55.15 currently 4th /
    CAN Shawn Sawyer Start No: 5
    Notes: Music: warsaw concerto black with dark blue sprakles / some nice dramatic chor / 3f2t might have 2ft the flip couldn't see clearly / 3a good height again might have 2ft hard to see from my angle / 2z / nice ina that is held / cam spin with pos to die for gorgeous layout on back cam / shawn spiral almost full circle / 2a landed right on beat of music / some emoting chor into O ftwrk as music becomes more lyrical and so does his movement / walley split jump 3l turnouts 3t / 3s2t2l / back cam with great pos & inside edge / music is really buildling for spread eagle seq into 3f pitched forward but kept it clean / death drop with great spin / strt steps use the music well - nicely done / I just missed a jump - 2a according to sheet / combo spin ending in his trademark stretched position / good skate / 56.72 65.17 tot 121.89 currently 2nd /
    CAN Christopher Mabee Start No: 6
    Notes: Music: 6 difference pieces listed wearing black shirt under light brown pants & suspenders / some chor to dramatic opening straing in to blues good movemnt into 3l on a lean but good / 3a turnout but stayed on one foot / jazzy music now 3z3t nice tight air pos / backsit spin great pos & good speed / deathdrop again with good spin / some very dramtic chor that is just great / music changes to soft piano and suitable chor / 2a3t / 3f / 3z / pause at end for strt ftwrk to a march with snare drums - very nicely timed to the music / 3s into a dramatic crouch in front of judges / now some playing around chor right into a 2a - I have to see this chor from the front / I just lost track of what I wanted to write - O ftwrk is just great - payful & he's having fun with it & so is the crowd into final spin that is really done well / great skate - this is a very good program for him - choreograhed to his strengths and he showed it off well / 63.86 62.42 tot 126.28 currently 2nd /
    CAN Patrick Chan Start No: 7
    Notes: Music: about 6 different pieces / black velvet with red accents / 3s / huge death drop with very nice spin with variations / music is building / very nice smooth turns into 3l / O ftwrk flows very well - good speed a few sets of twizzles / 3z2t2l / some chor / 2a / some more chor into back cam very nice line & extension ch cam good speed on both / trumpet fanfare as he moves down the ice 3f / strt ftwrk is right with music & fairly complex / walley 3t3t stepped out of 2nd / 3z fell out / sit spin was very good until last pos when it really slowed / spread eagle 2a step out / combo spin is excellent - went on forever with very good speed & pos / 59.08 59.91 tot 118.99 currently 4th /
    CAN Leo-Paul Dufour Start No: 8
    Notes: withdrew

    CAN Karl Herbert Start No: 9
    Notes: Music: 1492 brown tunic over beige shirt / 2a turns 3t fell out / 3z fell pretty close to fully rot / almost lost camel of combo spin but hung on to do sit ch sit / 2l fell out fell / 2f / flycam is ok / music has softened & slows for a spiral seq that is ok / 2s bit sloppy / upright spin with variations / 2z2t / strt steps are with the music - not bad / 1a / 2t had it then fell / sit ch sit is centered with good speed - not bad position / his goal was to qualify - don't think he's going to do it / 17.82 25.33 ded 4 tot 39.15 currently 8th /

    CAN Marc-Andre Craig Start No: 10
    Notes: Music: I will wait for you / dark turqoise velvet top black pants / very slow simple piano melody and a bit of chor / 3a step out / 2l went up crooked - wild / more instruments have joined and it’s a jazzy version of the same / 3f3t / combo spin started with nice camel / 3z - very nice landing pos / strt steps as music speed up - very nice / spread eagle & eying judges as music slows / sit spin with variations / 2a2t / there's some nice chor touches but also some empty gaps where there isn't much of anything / some dancing now to jazzy version / 3s / flysit very nice pos / O ftwrk as music changes & bump & grind version and his O ftwrk work s very well with it / 2a / 2a / butterfly into back cam has movement timed perfectly with the music / 55.59 55.16 tot 110.75 currently 5th /
    CAN Kevin Reynolds Start No: 11
    Notes: Music Varekai / Ombra by corradi + snake food by Safri Duo / purple top vest effect with gold trim & black pants with white stripe / a bit of chor / 2a / 3z step out / there's no chor justskating from move to move / 3s / sorry I lost track a bit - looking at the planned sheet to figure out if the sal was a 3 or 4 cause it was 2ft and realized I didn't have a sheet for him - then got behind and can't remember what jumps I missed / O ftwrk is with the music but seemed very simple to me / 3f2t2l / diag ftwrk is quite complex and with the music - well done / combo spin start with nice camel good pos then to sit variations & upright variations - nice spin / 64.18 41.42 tot 105.60 currently 6th /
    CAN Michael Elias Start No: 12
    Notes: Music: Art on Ice & carmina Burana white blouse shirt with black tunic effect / some movement to wind sounds works well / down the ice for 3f stumbled out / 2a turnout 2t / bailed on sal / O ftwrk as music speed up flows well / deathdrop to nice sit spin centered with good speed & pos / some chor at centre ice as music flows / 3t fell / 2z / music has picked up for combo spin - nice camel & sit pos to open leg - nice spin / low hydro blade rising while holding foot effective / 2s / 2t 1t / 1a / back xfoot - pretty good but not long enough / strt ftwrk is soso / back cam weak pos into sit / 21.03 32.74 ded 1 tot 52.77 currently 10th /
    CAN Daniel Eden Start No: 13
    Notes: Music: Don Juan / black with purple velvet bolero effect / some nice chor into gorgeous headless xfoot spin / 3t2t / 3s 2ft fell out / 2a2t2l bit squeaky on l but done / flysit with nice spin variation / there isn't a lot of chor in this program except some moves at obvious spots / popped l / O ftwrk is with the music but doesn't build quite as much as the music does / 3t hand down / 1a / 2l / nice spiral / 2f2t / pause at end for strt ftwrk that is nicely chor'd to music / flycam with excellent pos to sit to xfoot - nice spin / combo spin ends in xfoot - not a bad spin - good pos but a little slow / he's happy with that skate / 33.71 40.42 tot 74.13 currently 8th /
    CAN John Mattatall Start No: 14
    Notes: Music Dune / light grey at shoulders shading to black pants / 3t2t / 2a / nice fly cam with pos variations to sit - very good speed on whole spin / 2 tano z / 3s / pause at centre ice for some chor to slow music nicely done / 3l / back sit is fast with edge change to front sit with pos variations / diag ftwrk seems a bit simple but moves very well & with music / 2f 2ft hands down / 3t / music is building for S ftwrk that again moves well & with music / he has very good speed & flow over the ice / 2a / death drop / back cam with variations to sit to forward cam sit upright with variations / 38.40 43.93 tot 82.33 currently 8th /

    CAN Tyler Cochrane Start No: 15
    Notes: Music: Song of Singapore overture red black & white top black pants with white line across back & down leg / some interesting chor to rain sounds / 3z turns 3t / this is beethovan / popped flip / 2a / deathdrop to inside edge sit / cam spin needs extension to sit ch sit ending in slow xfoot / now ode to joy / 3l 2ft stumbled out / strt ftwrk is ok / 3z 2ft - very high though / 2a step out 2t step out / went to go into sal but didn't do it timing off? Not sure / 2thop turn 2t / back sit with pos variations / music is really building but his moves don't / O ftwrk is soso / combo spin to end / 29.43 34.32 tot 63.75 currently 10th /
    CAN Marc-Olivier Bossee Start No: 16
    Notes: Music The Red Violin black with red velvet top with gold trim in violin shape - gorgeous & a gorgeous program if I remember right from last year / some nice opening moves into back upright spin that sped up and slowed with the music / 3l fell / popped z / some nice chor / popped flip / flycam is fast with gorgeous extension / music builds for O steps then slows during them - chor works with it well / music changes & becomes melodic & melancholy / 2a / 2z / 2l step out / butterfly back sit with nice variations / music is building during strts steps - well chor'd to music uses whole body / 2t / 2a / combo spin with A - sit pos were very good / 28.34 48.41 ded 1 tot 75.75 currently 9th /
    CAN Nicolas Young Start No: 17
    Notes: Music: Swing Medley / black vneck sweater & pants over orange shirt / some neat chor to start right with music - works great / spread eagle 3z flipped out / 3a leaning outside the circle fell out / 3t2t2l / huge death drop nice variations in spin / 3l turnout / 3a huge / some spread eagles then split jump with bluesy music / 3s flipped out / spin that I didn't really see / diag ftwrk completely in char of the music looks like he was having fun with it / 3f high / back cam with great extension starts an interest combo spin - nice variations in pos / some fun chor now into O ftwrk that works really well with the jazzy music / back shoot duck into 2a / butterfly back camel into xfoot / 54.47 58.50 tot 112.97 currently 5th /

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    These are great reports, thanks so much!!!!! I can't wait to see Buttle do this program. Nice to hear Mabee and Saywer are in the mix.

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    Sounds like Jeff was great, but didn't put absolutely everything out there in his first skate - perfect strategy. Will be interesting to see if he tries the quad in the long. Sounds like he is right in his comfort zone - something I got the feeling he never found with his Glen Gould tribute, lovely as the program was. Can't wait to see this. With such a good qualifier they may broadcast it.

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