The marks were announced and only flashed on the board for a few seconds, so it was difficult to double check what I heard, so there are probably some mistakes.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website

CAN Diane Szmiett Start No: 1
Notes: light peach & white / I didn't really see her skate - was late getting back to my seat / here's what I remember - 2a / 3t2t / 3z - very nice according to those who saw it / no errors that anyone could tell me of / total 41.08 curently 1st /
CAN Bianca Gonzales Start No: 2
Notes: hote pink with black trim / 3t2t / ina / 2a / layback is fast & centered with foot to head / strt steps in char of music - well done / flysit has ok fly good spin / music picks up now to swing / ftwrk 2z / a bit of play acting as she picks up speed / catch foot starts the seq / cam sit tuck layback back cam sit upright spin to end / well skated program - she has some personality on the ice / 19.08 16.70 tot 35.78 currently 2nd /
CAN Paige Lawrence Start No: 3
Notes: music: zorba purple chiffon over white halter / flysit great fly trouble on landing managed a couple of revs / 2a / spirals move well with a nice smile coe / 3s went up bad sliding fall on side / combo spin with broken leg sit good speed & pos travel a bit on opening camel pos / O ftwrk works well with the fast music / she has good speed across ic e / ftwrk 2z / layback is really travelling and she fell out of it on foot to head pos / 12.25 12.57 ded 1 tot 23.82 currently 3rd /
CAN Amanda Valentine Start No: 4
Notes: shades of black chiffon with horizontal patern / libertango / 3l from travel 3's step out 2t / ftwrk 2 tano z / flysit not fly spin is pretty good in broken leg pos / music slows for spiral seq - back coe in catch foot forward in catch foot / 2a / now there's a smile on her face / layback sideways to strt very fast & centered good spin / some dancing at end of boards & into strt steps right with music & in char of music / combo spin with beillman & sideways split / 17.47 1750 tot 34.97 currently 3rd /

CAN Natalie Kwong Start No: 5
Notes: shades of light blue with silver trim & wings on her arms / Yellow River Rafter / some nice twizzle chor to start / 3s2t very nice / she's fast / catch foot inside out spiral starts seq / axel went off heel - fall / flysit has good fly & tuck - nice spin / ftwrk 2z / layback with goot pos to beillman / str steps balance check in middle otherwise good / cam to outside edge fast sit layback beillman back cam is very slow ending in side split / 22.23 17.94 ded 1 tot 39.17 currently 2nd /
CAN McMilan Wilkowich Start No: 6
Notes: music: caravan / orange bathing suit style / 2a / nice split jump as music changes & starts to build / 3t fell rotated / fly sit has soso fly nice mushroom spin pos once centered after landing / ftwrk 2z / music changes again & picks up coe spiral to side split / layback is centered with good speed pos could be better /diag steps work with music some nice moves / combo spin is good centered good speed and ok pos / 15.43 14.03 ded 1 tot 28.46 currently 5th /
CAN Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver Start No: 7
Notes: light orange with white at hem of skirt / Masquerade suite / some nice movement to start / 2a / 2f2t / flysit had pretty good fly but took a while to get low on landing / coe spiral in catch foot - she slowed down quite a bit at end of seq and then wobbly on back catch foot / ftwrk 2z / strt steps are very light and with the music / layback with foot to head - centered with good speed ok pos / combo spin ending in headless - nice spin - good pos & speed / 18.27 16.64 tot 34.91 currently 5th /
CAN Victoria Lyn Reagonzins Start No: 8
Notes: black strapless with silver sequin design Duo from Secret Garden / nice chor to start / very slow into 2a but done nicely / 3s landed pitched forward and almost saved herself from putting hand down but fell / combo spin is a bit slow - actually very slow at times - nice pos though / spirals are ok - nice extension / ftwrk 2z / flysit has no fly & landed standing up then down into sit / O ftwrk is with the music turns the same way for most of it / I didn't really see the layback that ended the program / 17.32 14.36 ded 1 tot 30.68 currently 6th /
CAN Izabel Valiquette Start No: 9
Notes: music: art of war shades of pink strapless / flysit soso fly spin is weak / 3s2t bit of lean but pulled it out / strt steps have some nice move / music slows again / 2a skidded takeoff not nearly rot fell / coe spiral gets very slow - nice pos / back cam sit front split back cam sit layback - whole spin was very slow except the front split / ftwrk 2z with both arms overhead / layback with ft to head then beillman / 18.25 13.96 ded 1 tot 31.21 currently 6th /

CAN Katherine De Repentigny Start No: 10
Notes: peach velvet with white trim / Jeannie with the Light brown hair / 3t2t nice height on 3t / 2a skidy takeoff - fell / didn't see fly on fly sit - nice broken leg pos / ftwrk 2z / O ftwrk misstep in middle but got it back / combo spin is a bit slow - pos are ok / spirals are ok / sideways to strt layback / 18.38 15.83 ded 1 tot 33.21 currently 6th /
CAN Alexandra Simon Start No: 11
Notes: music: carmen suite by Pletnov white satin strapless / high 2a in far corner / 2f2t / flysit soso fly & spin / 2z / combo spin with nice beillman / strt steps are ok / spirals get slow but very nice extension / nice centered layback with foot to head & beillman / 19.21 16.41 tot 35.62 currently 4th /
CAN Kristy Dobson Start No: 12
Notes: music: The Four Seasons / 1/2 black 1/2 white very unique & attractive - striking dress / 2s2t / 2a high / sashsa stype spiral with charlotte / flysit has ok fly nice low sit pos / O ftwrk as music is building fairly complex and timed with music / layback is centered good speed & pos to beillman / ftwrk 2z fell / combo spin has very nice pos & centered maybe a bit slow - but a very nice spin / 20.5 15.67 ded 1 tot 35.17 curently 5th /
CAN Stefani Marotta Start No: 13
Notes: music: Promises wearing coral velvet / some nice chor to very genetle music / 3t2t / 2a / flysit with good fly took a rev or so to get into sit pos then a nice spin / ftwrk 2z / spirals are ok / fast sidways layback to strt with foot to head / O ftwrk flows quite well / combo spin is fast & centered with good pos except the sit that doesn't have enough sit / 21.50 15.23 tot 36.73 currently 3rd /

CAN Marianne Laporte Start No: 14
Notes: music: somewhere in time dark red dress with silver starburst effect / some chor to slow music / 3l hand down / 2a pushed it through / very nice strt ftwrk / ftwrk 2z / flysit has ok fly & just ok spin / spirals are well done / combo spin is centered good pos / layback with foot to head is good / 15.0 15.97 ded 1 tot 29.97 currently 12th / .

CAN Brooke Paulin Start No: 15
Notes: music: chicago black halter tuxedo vest effect / spread eagle into 2a nicely done / now some playacting / flysit with poor fly ok spin / spirals are ok nice spread eagle in middle / 2f2t / ftwrk 2z / layack is good with extended strt leg / strt steps are pretty good but looks like she's thinking through them rather than just skating them / combo spin is pretty good / 17.08 didn't see next set tot 30.92 not sure of placement /
CAN Amanda Juteau Start No: 16
Notes: music: secret garden coral with black trim / layback is nice /2a sliding fall on stomach / strt ftwrk / attempt at 3s2t but no way was it rotated - very spinny on ice / she's quite slow / didn't see the fly sit / spirals were soso / ftwrk 2z / layback travelled but nice extended pos on free leg good speed on spin / 16.87 13.25 ded 1 tot 29.12 currently 14th /
CAN Kristin Bonkowski Start No: 17
Notes: music; from le fabuleux destin d'amile / white empire top black skirt / 3t2t nicely done / ftwrk length of ice into 2z / sideways layback to strt with foot to head / strt ftwrk flows well / nice extension on camel bit slow layback to beillman back sit has inside edge / axel didn't get off ice / spirals are ok / nice tuck on fly sit very good spin with broken leg / 21.05 16.13 tot 37.18 currently 3rd /
CAN Charlotte Belair Start No: 18
Notes: music: progy & bess / pretty blue halter / 3z 2ft fell but think it was rot / 3s fell / flysit with pretty good tuck & tuck on spin but pos should be lower / back spiral into 2a / combo spin has good speed on front but gets slow on back / strt ftwrk had some nice moments but seemed disjointed / spirals are ok - pos needs more extension / layback with foot to head / 17.48 14.37 ded 2 tot 29.85 currently 15th /
CAN Mckenzie Pedersen Start No: 19
Notes: white with flowered pattern music barcelona nights / 2a / flysit great tuck needs to get down faster when she lands / 3t turn foot down 2t / spirals are ok / layback with nice back & foot to head fast spin / ftwrk big pause 2z / strt steps with music & fairly complex / combo spin included A & mushroom / nice skate / 18.25 15.84 tot 34.09 currently 10th /
CAN Devon Neuls Start No: 20
Notes: music: sabre dance black & white bodice with black skirt / some chor to slow music to get us started / 2a leaning fell out / 3s2t didn't really see it / music changes & some more chor / ftwrk pause 2z / nice tuck on fly sit - took a couple of revs to get into nice low sit pos / spirals have 2 coe spirals / strt ftwrk is right with music & in char of music / combo spin is fast on front & fast beillman on back to end very nice low sit tuck pos / 19.92 17.73 tot 37.65 currently 3rd /
CAN Kathryn Kang Start No: 21
Notes: shades of light blue shading to white at hem / music: anna maria / some nice chor with spread eagle / ina into 3s2t / 2z & there wasn't any footwork to speak of / I didn't see the fly sit / strt steps are nicely done with music / travel 3's into 2a / combo spin travel bacdly on front nice pos & speed though - back was very nice / spirals are pretty good / layback is to die for almost flat back going from classic to strt leg / 20.67 17.89 tot 38.56 currently 3rd /