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Thread: Canadians - Junior Men Free Report

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    Canadians - Junior Men Free Report

    The marks were announced and only flashed on the board for a few seconds, so it was difficult to double check what I heard, so there are probably some mistakes.

    The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

    The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website

    The overall result is here

    CAN Ivan Strogan Start No: 1
    Notes: royal blue top black pants diagonal black slashes / Quixote & Warm Air / nice death drop good low sit pos / 2a / music picks up for 3s fell / 2t2t almost hand down on 2nd / music slows for O ftwrk / nice spread eagle seq beautiful pos / 3s lean hand down / nice xfoot spin / strt ftwrk moves well with music / 2a / 1z / 2f fell / combo spin starts with loopy camel nice sit & back sit xfoot / 23.30 34.49 ded 2 tot 55.79 gr tot 85.97 currently 1st /

    CAN Lars Anderson Start No: 2
    Notes: music: coreo & sea biscuit soundtrack / black sprakly top with red belt / spanish guitar to start & a bit of chor / 3z fell probably short rot / 3s2t1l / flysit very nice spin pos with variation good speed / 3t might have brushed free foot going through / 2a turns 2f / combo spin starts with very nice camel / music slows and a couple of pretty good spirals / 2l / 2t / O ftwrk in char of the music - little bit slow - but enjoyable to watch / sit ch sit is ok - not near as good a pos as his fly sit / 3s hadn down / music has really picked up for strt steps - again a little slow but quite complex - a number of twizzles / 2a landed right on the beat of the music and into his closing pose / 33.93 34.08 ded 1 tot 67.01 gr tot 101.05 currently 1st /
    CAN Jesse Smith Start No: 3
    Notes: music: Moulin Rouge tango de roxanne / dark red velvet top with black pants & diag band on leg / a bit of chor to start / 3s very nicely done / 1z / 2l bailed a bit / flysit with good tuck & very nice spin variations / 3t2t2t / O ftwrk is fairly simple but with the music / 2a / sit ch sit with great pos & inside edge on front & back / strt steps to roxanne - he's skating a little too careful / bad music cut / 3t / he's slowing down too much / 3s2t / axel went off heell 2t / combo spin is very well done / he needs to skate a little 'freer' - too careful / 37.91 3117 tot 6;9.08 gr tot 100.65 currently 2nd /

    CAN Mitchell Wallace Start No: 4
    Notes: music: while my guitar gently weeps wearing black / a bit of chor to start out / nice 2a out of nowhere / 2z / very nice combo spin ending in xfoot / 3t / butterfly back sit - almost lost it on landing but managed to reign it in / strt steps a bit simple but with the music / 2a turn 2s / he doesn't have much expression / O ftwrk is with the music - a little carefully done / spiral that actually isn't bad into spread eagle 2l / 3s fell / I missed a jump / nice spread eagle / 3t hands down fell / very nice back xfoot into closing pose / 26.75 32.34 ded 2 tot 57.09 gr tot 89.69 currently 3rd /

    CAN Aaron Van Cleave Start No: 5
    Notes: music starts with cowboy's dream + 2 other pieces - movie? / shades of orange top with dangly bits on one sleeve / 2a / 3s2t - very nice tight air pos / 2z kinds to stepped out / xfoot that changed speed with the music - very nice / 3l landed on toe both hands down / lysit good tuck nice tuck spin pos / 2f / music picks up for O ftwrk moves fairly well & wish music / 3t bit forard on landing 2t / strt ftwrk is not bad at all / a couple of nice spread eagles / 3t hands down fell / 3s lean fell / combo spin to end / not a lot of expression or connection to the music / 32.43 32.33 ded 3 tot 61.76 gr tot 94.34 currently 3rd /
    CAN Justin L Piette Start No: 6
    Notes: music the abyss / dark vest & pants shades of beige & white shirt / a bit of chor to dramatic beats that increase in speed / 2f / 3z fell under rot? / back sit is fast good pos / 2a landed pitched forward brushesd free foot going through / music slows & softens & some playing to the judges / 3turns into 3l landed but put free foot down very fast / 3t landed right on beat of music / combo spin has some problems & is slow / 2a2t nicely done / 3l rotated hand down fall / diag steps don't have much too them / 2a / O ftwrk to quick drums beats is ok but is getting slow / flysit is ok / not much expression or connection to the music / 31.83 29.58 ded 2 tot 59.41 gr tot 96.43 currently 3rd /
    CAN Matt McEwan Start No: 7
    Notes: music: das boot dark military style costume with gold braid - really elegant / a bit of chor & building up speed / 3l rotated step out / 3z fell / a bit of chor & down the ice for 3f fell - too tentative into it / music slows & softens / flysit with good fly & spin / axel went off heel / 3t / 3s hand down / O ftwrk flows well & with music / death drop to fast twisted sit / spread seagle 3z under rot fell / diag ftwrk is nice - bit of slip at end? Not sure / 2a2a / combo spin is well done with twisted sit & open leg / 32.95 38.33 ded 3 66.28 gr tot 104.72 currently 1st /
    CAN Chad Mathieu Start No: 8
    Notes: music: bourne supremecy black with irridescent panel over one shoulder / a bit of chor to dark music / 3t held off putting his hands on ice / 3l turnout / popped flip / music is building & he's building with it into O ftwrk that is quite well done / nice 2a / combos spin with ok cam nice sit pos with variations / music is soft now and some chor to match / 3z fell out / 2s / attempt at a spiral / sit ch sit / nice split jump turns 2a step out then? / strt ftwrk as music changes again - quite well done & with music / 3s hand down / death drop is a little weak in the spin / 27.11 35.59 ded 1 tot 61.70 gr tot 98.12 currently 4th /
    CAN Justin Junior Start No: 9
    Notes: music: Hero black with red sash & cuffs chinese character on back / around the ice for 2z / music starts to build nice death drop & spin pos / 3t / diag ftwrk is with music 1st half was very nice 2nd a bit empty / 3s / loop didn't get off ice / cam sit A back twisted sit - nice spin / 2z free foot down really fast on landing / O ftwrk went by so fast I barely saw it / 3t2t / 2a hand down / 2a2t landed toe in shoot duck / flysit with good pos variations / some chor into final pose / 33.99 37.58 tot 71.57 gr tot 101.69 currently 1st /
    CAN Ehren Jaleel Start No: 10
    Notes: Lawrence of Arabia burgundy top with gold diag sequins / 2a / 3z / 3f / flycam with lovely lavover & good extension / beautiful spiral that wasn't held long enough to enjoy / 3s / 3l fell / death drop didn't really see it but something didn't look right at the end / 3z fell / there's a definite lack of expression the is unusual for him / 3s2t2l / now a smile after that last jump / strt steps have some energy to them / 2a fell / camel with great extension start the combo spin - rest of spin was good / looks like part of his costume was starting to come apart - he was playing with the sash before he took his bows / 40.96 38.16 ded 3 tot 76.12 gr tot 110.56

    CAN Michael Zatylny Start No: 11
    Notes: music: return of the jedi star wars / 1/2 black 1/2 white / some chor to start / 3t3t not really pretty but clean / 2a2t / O ftwrk to ahhhh not bad / very deliberate into 3z hand down / 2l / 2f / unusual jumping style / 3s 2t hand down on toe / very nice combo spin - great extension on camel / a bit of chor as music changes & set up for strt ftwrk / fast & dynamic - right with music / 2a / 3s / pretty good flysit little trouble on landing / sit ch sit started out really good - got a little slow on back end / 38.44 38.83 ded 1 tot 76.27 gr tot 116.30 currently 1st /
    CAN Simon Beaudoin Start No: 12
    Notes: music: symphony 1 & lord of the rings dark brown with diag gold band & bronze on one side of it / spiral to die for / 3l hand down / 3t2t / he has lovely carriage - nice strt back / 3z flipped out / flycam took a second to center but lovely extension & pos / 2a turns 3s / ina / 3t flipped out / 2f2t / back open leg & other upright ariations into xfoot - not as good as I've seen him do in practise / 3s flipped out / music is really building during strt steps - but his skating isn't / spiral into O ftwrk / he almost looks like he's running out of gas / 2a hand down / combo spin starts with the lovely camel then sit variations & open leg / 38.74 43.16 tot 81.90 gr tot 119.71 currently 1st /
    CAN Ian Martinez Start No: 13
    Notes: music: swing medley / pink shirt dark grey pants / some chor & playing to the judges / he's really moving / 3s turns 3t / 3l bit forward on landing / flysit / bailed on 2a / a lots stroking around / 3z / music slow into summertime and some chor / 3f fell / 3z3t / combo spin has nice sit variations / music has picked up 2a / O ftwrk is chor'd to music - he seems to be rushing it a bit / strt steps are well done - quite complex / 3s hand down into final pose / 45.85 46.25 ded 1 tot 90.90 gr tot 127.93 currently 1st /

    CAN Jean-Simon Legare Start No: 14
    Notes: dark maroon velvet top with gold braid down front black pants / once upon a time in america / some chor and around for 3z hands down 2t / 3f / bailed on 3s / 3t / music changes to greek sounding & a bit of crowd clapping / 3l under rot hard fall / O ftwrk as music is speed up - he's a little behind it / sit spin with good speed & variations / 3z might have been 2ft hard to tell / 2a2t / deathdrop - spin was ok - got very slow / 3t pitched forawd on landing 2t / a bit of chor into strt steps - music is really speeding up but he isn't - stpes were ok though / combo spin has nice low fast sit pos / 41.60 42.66 ded 1 tot 83.26 gr tot 122.48 currently 2nd /
    CAN Kevin Darwish Start No: 15
    Notes: Once upon a time in Mexico dark fushia shirt with navy vertical striple dark pants / some chor to guitar to start / 3z2t / nice spread eagle / 3z just short rot both hands down / strt steps are a little slow but right with the music / 3s really tight landing / music changes to very slow and some chor to match - nicely done / nice spread eagle ina section very expressive movement / 3f2t / 2a / combo spin with ok cam - needs more extension nice sit variations / music picks up again and some more chor / 2z / 3f / O ftwrk moves well with the music good speed fairly complex / 3t2t wanted a 3rd jump but couldn't get if away / flysit has great fly - nice spin / death drop is very good / 48.81 46.16 ded 1 tot 94.97 gr tot 133.96 currently 1st /
    CAN Karolin Metivier Start No: 16
    Notes: music: transylvanian lullaby & spanish caravan / dark green with golden band down one side of top / some nice chor to opening slow piano notes / 2a opened up on 2t / music picks up with sticatto notes / 2z / some chor as music slows then rebuilds 3s hand down / 3l / flysit with nice fly & spin variations / music slows again and more chor / 1a / popped flip / 2z then hit boards / combo spin is very well done and then slipped coming out of it / strt steps are with the music but he looks like some of the wind has gone out of his sails / 3s bit wild on landing but clean / O ftwrk is with the music & failry complex but his heart didn't seem to be in it / butterfly spin to end / 32.27 47.75 tot 80.02 gr tot 129.99 currently 2nd /
    CAN Jeremy Ten Start No: 17
    Notes: music: trilogy & Kundun by P Glass / new costume black velet on top with orange & yellow abstract / some chor to plaintive violin / 3z2t / 2a / 3f / diag steps are quite complex & with music - uses whole body / music has calmed a bit / spiral 3l hand down / fly cam nice extension the low sideways camel -hard to explain but really neat / music is ahhhhhs now / ftwrk 3t2t had the 2 then fell on his rear / nice spread eagle as music changes and starts to buld / 3z hung on and pushed it through / 3s not really pretty take off / sit chs sit is verhy fast with excellent pos variaitons / 3t / O ftwrk is well done - sorry too excited to write properly - I've known Jeremy since he was 10 and watched him progress / great combo spin to end / 49.88 52.0 ded 1 tot 100.?? Gr tot 149.21 currently 1st /
    CAN Joey Russell Start No: 18
    Notes: carmen dark green with gold military style trim / this is a beautiful program / some really nice chor to start to carmen bells / 3s2t - sal landed right on beat / music picks up now / 2a / 3z2t2l / back sit with variations / O ftwrk is with the music / 3l again landed right on beat / some emoting chor with melancholy music / 3z bit forward on landing but clean / death drop with pos variations / music changes & some more chor 3t fell out hand down / 3s / spread eagle seq into 2a / strt steps right with music flowed very well / combo spin very good except sit pos could be lower / 52.10 52.67 tot 104.77 gr tot 151.93 currently 1st /
    CAN Jamie Forsythe Start No: 19
    Notes: The walking life / brown paisley on one side of top light being on other / some nice chor to start / 3z flipped out hand down / 2a / spiral 3l2l / combo spin starts with lovely camel & ends in xfoot / 3s / back upright spin with front split - not a pretty spin / O ftwrk flows with music & moves well - seemed a little empty to me / 2a / 3s2t bit unsteady on landing but clean / some nice chor to slow music - expressive / 3t pitched forward but clean / some more emoting type chor - woops that was the diag ftwrk / 3l went up crooked fell / flying sit is very well done / some emoting chor into final pose right in front of judges / 44.14 50.00 ded 1 tot 93.14 gr tot 136.54 currently 3rd /
    CAN Gary Wong Start No: 20
    Notes: white shirt with blue lines / music truman legend 1900 / a bit of chor to start / 3f2t / 3z / landings on both triples were really low but clean / a bit of chor / 3t pick slipped & didn't get off ice / 3t fell / I missed a spin - too involved in the program - sorry / music slows and some chor / 2l / picking up speed nice spread eagle / sal didn't get off ice / nice low fast sit ch sit with variations / 2a landed on inside edge but hung on / O ftwrk flows well fairly complicated / 3s flipped out / walley 2a / strt steps are a bit slow but right with music and complex / combo spin to end is quite well done / 27.32 42.25 ded 1 68.? Gr tot 109.20 currently 11th /

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    Good job Joey! You did Newfoundland and Labrador proud!

    Thanks for the reports Rosaleen.

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