i feel like this olympics, even more so than past years, it is really difficult to figure out where the top ladies will stand... it seems like no one has a "lock" on any medal. for my top 6... i would put in irina, sasha, michelle, and our three japanese ladies.... places.... that is tough.

1. sasha cohen... i feel like this is her year to bring it. if not now, when... and she seemed like a more well-rounded person at marshall's.. but i suppose we will have to see how she fairs in nationals. and maybe this is just my personal bias, but i feel like when sasha is on, there isn't a skater out there that can compare... now if only she can skate a clean program...
2. slutsukaya... a crack like the 2002 olys wouldn't surprise me at all.
3. miki... it might be the olympic curse, but i just can't see a podium without a teenager on it lol
4. suguri... she was looking very good at the japanese nationals, even taking down mao
5. a very disgruntled michelle kwan
6. arakawa... she seems so off and on with her skating, so a lot of mistakes wouldn't surprise me.

i can't see the third qualifier from the u.s., whoever it may be, taking a very high spot in this olympics.

what do you all think?