This video is in SP mode and the quality is excellent. It consists of round one pro performances from the 1999 Grand Slam Super Teams of Skating competition, and the mens and ladies finals from the 1998 Grand Slam event, held in Charleston, South Carolina. I am asking $20 US S&H included for this tape, or $30 CDN. You can arrange to purchase this tape by e-mailing me at Performances included are:

1999 Grand Slam:
Yuka Sato "Summertime"
Kurt Browning "Summertime"
Ekaterina Gordeeva "Fragile"
Brian Orser "Dear Father"
Katarina Witt "Rescue Me"
Victor Petrenko "Michael Jackson Medley"
Tara Lipinski "The Second Element"
Philippe Candeloro "Guerilleros"

1998 Grand Slam:
Michelle Kwan "Dante's Prayer"
Maria Butyrskaya "Forever Tango"
Todd Eldredge "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera"
Ilia Kulik "Seisouso"

The tape ends with an unidentified eligible competitive performance of Laurent Tobel's "Austin Powers" FS.