The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website

CAN Wakamatsu / Fecteau Start No: 1
Notes: music: swan from carival of the animals / both in cream shading to light pink at bottom / lovely chor to start / down the far end for sbs 3t - very nice / thr 3 sal pitched forward both hands down / 2tw is nice - arms overhead on catch not as high as others / sbs ftwrk is right with music & flows beautifully / pair spin starts in facing kneeling pos then opposing camels then facin sit then upside down split / flows right into sbs spins - very nice good unison & pos - maybe a bit far apart / hip lift to one hand star to upside down split / travelling entrace to fids 3? Rev right into closing pose / very nice program and it just flows and expresses the music so well - pulls you along with it / tot 54.62 currently 1st /
CAN Marcoux / Buntin Start No: 2
Notes: music: hey big spender her in red him in white vest & shirt with red tie / a complete change from the last team / some great fun chor at centre ice / sbs 3t perfect unison - couldn't have done it better / hip lift to platter to star to reverse star - lost track / sbs fly cam sit chg cam upriright almost perfect - just a tiny bit out at exit / a bit of chor / 2tw is high - he puts his hands to side before catch / some chor into thr 3l perfect / pair spin facing kneeling then ? Then facing sit then upright - got a little slow maybe / diag step right with music & crowd is clapping along & cheering / travelling into fids 3 rev+ into closing pose / that was just great !!!! / as they go to take their bows craig turns his pockets inside out and they've got red lining / standing O from almost the whole crowd (I would be too but can't stand with my laptop) / tot 63.16 currently 1st /
CAN Dube / Davison Start No: 3
Notes: music: hasta que te conoci her in red satin him in black / sbs 3s almost right off the top of music perfect / hip lift to star to reverse star no hands / pair spin starts with opposing camel then upright then him in sit her in camel - nicely done / 2tw not very high but clean with catch with her hands over head / some chor / and now pickin gup speed for thr 3l - looked a little crooked going up but beautiful / some playing around chor / into sbs spin - can't keep track of pos but very good matching & sync for the most part until at the very exit / strt steps are in char of music & flow / travel entrance to fids 2rev into closing pose / another great skate !!! / partial standing O / tot 55.52 currently 2nd /
CAN Langlois / Hay Start No: 4
Notes: music: the messiah is coming her in dark purple velvet almost black him in black / start separate - some nice chor at centre ice / thr 3l / and some neat push & pull chor / 2tw not high but catch with carms over head / sbs 3t perfect / sbs spin fly cam to sit to back sit in perfect sync / hip lift to one hand star – no change of pos / sbvs steps right in char of music - mirror steps in centre / nested spread eagles into fids - not quite sure how they did it / pair spin is great as well / what a night!!!!!! 4 teams & 3 perfect stakes and one that was also great in spite of 1 error / tot 56.7 currently 2nd /
CAN Miller / Moram Start No: 5
Notes: music: jalousie her in blue satin him in black / some good tango chor at centre ice / sbs 3t he fell out hand down / 2tw is good catch with hands overhead / unique entrance to thr 3l / sbs flycam sit variation ch sit upright looked like they exited differently / pair spin nice pos & changes - maybe got a little slow / back shoot duck into star lift one hand with forward exit / sbs steps are right with music & express it - maybe a little slow across ice / tot 48.14 currently 5th /
CAN Purdy / Schumacher Start No: 6
Notes: music: spellbound concerto her in purple him in purple shirt & black pants / music starts with wind sounds and some chor at centre ice / hip lift to star to reverse star to cartwheel exit / sbs 3t she hand down he fell / sbs fly cam sit upright forward sit pretty good sync - not perfect / thr 2tw not high but catch with hands over head / thr 3s her edge caught on the take-off and it didn't get anywhere / didn't really see the fids / pair spin has some nice pos & kept up speed / sbs frtwrk is in sync and with the music / tot 33.42 currently 6th /
CAN Putnam / Wirtz Start No: 7
Notes: music: incantation - cirque du soleil her in yellow with red polka dots 7 red around waist him in yellow shirt with red plka dot tie / sing sing sing / neat chor to start / 2tw right into hip lift that I lost track of / bit of playful chor / sbs 3s I'm sure she double / they were doing some fun chor and he fell crowd laughed as did he but I'm not sure what happened / I'm getting behind / thr 2l / sbs cam sit upright variaiton ch sit upright - little out at end / some dancing into sbs steps that look like they could be a midline step seq in an OD / I need to see this again to catch everything / pair spin is well done into closing pose / this is a fun program and I just couldn't catch all of it and write at the same time -- so I missed seeing some stuff and missed writing some stuff that I did see / tot 47.94 currently 6th /
CAN Cosford / Richardson Start No: 8
Notes: music: un sospiro by Liszt both in red & black / right into ftwrk seq - sets the mood of the program well / sbs 3t both fell in perfect unison / 2tw clean catch on hips with her arms overhead / thr 3t step out / sbs fly cam sit 1/2 sit ch sit upright - excellent unison if a bit par apart / hip lift to sideways split / fids bit awkward going down nice once down 2 rev / right into pair spin that is nicely done / tot 37.96 currently 7th /
CAN Cronin / Shales Start No: 9
Notes: music: jealousy her in orange him in black / chor at centre ice / around the end & back this way for 2tw - very good height catch with hands overhead / thr 3s low but good distance / sbs flycam sit upright ch sit out of sync after change / weird entrance to sbs 2z / hip lift to star no chg of pos - nice exit / sbs steps very curvy - nice edges & good sync - matched with music / travel entrance to fids 3? Revs / nexted camels into pair spin nice variations of pos and kept up the speed / tot 43.72 currently 7th /

CAN Phillips / Willemse Start No: 10
Notes: music: morezian flamenco her in black with flowers him in light blue tshirt with navy or black trim / bit of chor at start down this end 2tw bit grabby on catch - not clean at all / thr 2l scratchy & picthed forward on landing not sure if hand down / sbs 3t - no hope that either would land - missed big time / sbs cam sit upright variation out of sync part way through cam / pair spin is so so last part in facing kneeling pos was fairly good / nice lift star to platter covered good ice & nice pos / sbs steps in O almost completely in dance hold and went well with music - nicely done / fids with change of hand but he used both hands to bring her out of it / tot 29.88 currently 10th /
CAN Therrien / Babin Start No: 11
Notes: music: Xotica both in black & bright blue / nice opening moves /2tw a big crashy on the catch / sbs 3t he doubled she fell / thr 3sal bad lean in air - fell / hip lift from pendulum type entrance / sbs cam sit ch sit bit out of sync all the way through / sbs ftwrk pretty good sync and nicely with music / travelling entrance to fids 3? Revs / pair spin was ok - kept up the speed pretty well / tot 33.70 currently 9th /
CAN Duhamel / Arnold Start No: 12
Notes: music: quixote both in black & red with diag gold braid - spanish style - very elegant / 2tw nice with catch hands overhead / thr 3l / music has picked up and down this way for the sbs 3z he doubled I think she fell / hip star lift to one hand / sbs spins flycam sit ch sit very nice sync & close together / strt ftwrk changes with change of music in middle and crowd is clapping - nicely done / fids from travel entrance 2-1/2 to 3 revs / pair spin cam upright ch trad sit upright variations - nice gentle exit into closing pose / tot 51.08 currently 5th /