1. This video is in EP mode and consists of various performances from both CTV and ABC’s coverage of the 2000 World Championships in Nice, France. The tape’s quality is excellent, and prices can be arranged by e-mailing me at chesterboi19@yahoo.ca. Here is a list of performances included:

Womens Short Program:
Jennifer Robinson “The summer knows”
Michelle Kwan “A day in the life”
Irina ******skaya “Appassionata”
Sarah Hughes “Serenade For Klara”
Maria Butyrskaya “Scene D’Amour”

Mens Short Program:
Timothy Goebel “Caravan”
Michael Weiss “On The Waterfront”

Free Dance:
Wing/Lowe “Underground”
Dubreuil/Lauzon “Life Is Beautiful”
Annisinna/Peizerat “Carmina Berana”
Fusar Poli/Margalio “Lord Of The Dance”/”Braveheart”/”The Dark Night Of The Soul”
Lobatcheva/Averbukh “Jesus Christ Superstar”
Drobiazko/Vanagas “Spente Le Stelle”

Ice Dance Medal Presentations

2. This video is in EP mode and consists of various performances from mainly from the Sergei Grinkov Tribute “Celebration Of A Life” from CBS’ original broadcast, as well as selected performances from the 1995 Men’s Outdoor Skating Championships in Sun Valley, Idaho. The price for this tape is negotiable, as the tape quality for the Men’s Outdoor performances is low. You can make arrangements regarding price, shipping, etc. by e-mailing me at chesterboi19@yahoo.ca. Performances included are:

Sergei Grinkov Tribute:
Kristi Yamaguchi “I’m gonna be strong”
Kurt Browning “Brickhouse”
Fedor Andreyev (classical)
Elena Bechke and Denis Petrov “Spartacus”
Brian Boitano “Don’t Cry”
Katarina Witt “I’m the only one”
Victor Petrenko “Have you ever really loved a woman?”
Ekaterina Gordeeva (Mahler)
Rosalynn Sumners “Remember me this way”
Paul Wylie “Apollo 13”
Oksana Baiul “Ave Maria”
Roz Sumners “Remember me this way” (with Jordan Hill singing live)

1995 Mens Outdoor Championships:
Jozef Sabovcik “Is there anybody out there?”
Victor Petrenko “Only you”
Alexandr Fadeev “Homage a Piazzolla”

There are many other men’s performances, but the tape is a little choppy at this point.