The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website

The overall results are here

CAN Leclerc / Babin Start No: 1
Notes: music: mainly Lord of the Rings & Truman Show / dark blue velvet with light blue & pink design on top elegant / 2tw little crashy right on beat of music / thr 2l / lasso lift little slow across ice and tentative / sbs 2z 2l think she stepped out of z / sbs spins she fell out 1/2 way through / nicely down into fids good pos / toe overhead to star to one hand / spirals match pos / spread eagle ina move as music builds the changes / thr 2s step out / sbs 2f didn't see it but a bit slapping so hopefully clean / they're skating better now - very tentative at start / sbs ftwrk moved quite well / press lift - she looks very stiff in the air / finished with pair spin / 12th after short tot 55.96 gr tot 88.25 currently 1st /
CAN Gagnon / Tsagris Start No: 2
Notes: music: finiding neverland her in white him in dark vest & pants white shirt / facing catch foot spirals into fids - nicely done / step over head to one hand press one hand set down / thr2s - good distance / sbs 2f good sync / pair spin bit slow - good pos / ftwrk 2tw far end of rink away from me but looked a little crashy / nested spirals start and end the seq - nice pos matching / lasso to one handed helicopter (a slow one) but wow!! Looked a little unsteady to me / I missed the sbs spins / sbs 2z she very tight on landing into ? That seemed clean / I missed the ftwrk too - / thr 2l / hip lift star one hand / not a bad skate - after the first little bit they didn't seem to have much connection to the music / 13th after the short tot 58.93 gr tot 86.95 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Lawrence / Swiegers Start No: 3
Notes: music: Flamenco nights dark dark purple her with open back with bands across it / sbs 2a turns 2f seq - very good / hip lift to one hand star good flow across the ice / they're moving much faster than the prev 2 teams / lasso lift / pair spin little slow & pos a bit weak but clean / nested coe spirals start the seq / thr 2l hands down good distance / shoot duck between his legs into toe overhead that almost didn't get up but once up nice helicopter / thr 2l fell / sbs spins bit far apart pretty good sync for 1st half / 2tw is a bit low & crashy / sbs ftwrk flowed well & matched / sbs 2z she hand down / fids bit awkward going down - good once down / they don't have a lot of pairness / 14th after the short tot 56.83 gr tot 84.5 currently 3rd overall /
CAN Lavigne / Dufour Start No: 4
Notes: music: the bio says kissing you - Romeo & Juliet but now way was that what it was - flamenco & spanish guitar is what I heard / both in black her with with flower design on bodice / 2tw / thr3s / press lift / sbs 2a he turnout / sbs spins start with camel out of sync for most of the spin / platter to star very slow across ice and looked a little weak / sbs ? Far end of rink / fids looked like problems coming up / spirals start with nested one - very slow / thr 2l / back press lift / sbs steps were in sync / pair spin is very slow - good pos though / 9th after short tot 56.03 gr tot 89.39 currently 1st /
CAN Osmond / Beaulieu Start No: 5
Notes: music: the devil's thrill is 1st piece / her in white unitard him in black / nice bit of chor at start / catch foot into fids he changes hands & pivots / thr 3s fell / music is slow & moody but starting to build now / 2tw arms over head catch / sbs 2z he stepped out / sbs cam sit 1/2 sit upright - no change of foot that I saw - nice spin though / toe overhead with one hand setdown very very slow across the ice / coe of spirals starts the seq / star lift to one hand / thr 2l pitched forward hand down / sbs 2z 2t one stepped out of z / step overhead to platter / pair spin is ok / generally they were very slow / 10th after short tot 59.68 gr tot 92.89 currently 1st overall /
CAN LeBoeuf / Eaton Start No: 6
Notes: music: rach #2 & 3 both in purple / 2tw is ok / sbs 2z2t / toe overhead to platter to one hand - flowed / thr 2l / back cam upright chg sit upright - in sync for cam & sit but not upright / step overhead / spirals we weak - only 2 pos? / thr 2a fell / sbs 2a she fell not sure about him / pair spin is very good on 1st foot then only soso on next 2 changes / press lift to platter to star moved well - covered ice / sbs steps are a bit slow but match / fids with change of hand & pivot is very good / 11th after short tot 60.98 gr tot 98.79 ?? Not sure / currently 1st overall /

CAN Maheu / Cote Start No: 7
Notes: music: taquito Miltar - spanish / dark blue or navy / I was late getting back to my seat & watched from up top / very nice lifts esp one that went into a carry / death spiral was excellent starting from forward shoot duck /generally a very smooth & flowing program / tot 69.46 gr tot 107.11 currently 1st /
CAN Coolin / Sutherland Start No: 8
Notes: music: cirque du soleil / her in pink with orange skirt him in royal blue with big yellow circle / thr 3s fell / didn't see next element / sbs 2a she didn't get off ice / toe overhead looked scary at start / sbs spins are right in sync - very good & close together nice pos & fast / spirals match very well starting with fan / death spiral starts with her in catch foot / hip lift to star to upside one split carry with one hand / thr 2t she fell sliding into the boards / too a minute to catch up to him / crowd is encouragng them / next lift moved very fast across ice but still looked a bit scary at one point / sbs steps move well & with music / pair spin to end the program / 8th after short tot 58.81 gr tot 93.98 currently 2nd overall /
CAN McCoy / Van Cleave Start No: 9
Notes: music: kate & leopold royal blue velvet with cream on front / very nice 2tw good height & catch with arms overhead / sbs 2l good sync she hopped out / lasso to one hand to platter with flip out - good coverage & spped & confident / fids nice but a little slow & weak coming out / they look like a pairs team / thr 3s might have been lightly 2ft / 2a 2f seq both had trouble on the a / hip lift to star / music is now whimsical and they movement has changed/ sbs spins are fast with good pos - a little out of sync at times / toe overhead to one hand - well done / sbs steps are musical & in sync / thr 2l bit wild on landing / pair spin is quite good / 7th after short tot 70.36 gr tot 106.12 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Ribeiro / Chutter Start No: 10
Notes: music: legends of the fall / both in beige trimmed in brown / 2tw a bit spinny but clean / thr 3s fell forward on stomach / step overhead / sbs 2a she fell / toe overhead / thr 2l good distance / sbs fly cam sit upright chg sit upright out of sync all the way through and she fell out of the spin before the change / sbs sbs 2t hop 2t he had a weird landing on the 1st / star lift to one hand / step seq is ok not completely in sync / familiar melody for death spiral - quite well done and into spirals which didn't really match pos except for 1st / pair spin to end the program / 6th after short tot 65.46 gr tot 102.21 currently 3rd overall /

CAN Kirkland / Radford Start No: 11
Notes: music: firebird / her in orange him in black / the height difference as you know is huge / 2tw is high & catch with arms over head / swinging entrance to thr 2s? / overhead lift goes up easy & changes pos good flow / sbs 2z her a bit shakey but clean / death spiral is good / pair spin uses the changes in music well as well as their size difference - very well done / lasso to one hand star / spirals surprisingly match quite well / sbs 2z - then I'm not sure what the 1st sbs were / sbs fly cam sit inside edge upright ch sit partial layback upright - very good sync & nice pos / sbs steps match well & musical / thr 2l / hip star to reverse star one hand to carry into closing pose / 1st after the short tot 86.49 gr tot 132.91 currently 1st overall /
CAN Demers Boutin / Joncas Start No: 12
Notes: music: west side story starts it her in fushia him in black / familiar finger snapping / very nice 2tw him with hands to side hers overhead in catch / sbs 2a she stepped out / lasso to star flowed very well up very easy / thr 2s / step overhead to helicopter (slow one) / side split into bods with cahnge of hand / music is not a time for us / sbs 2z she fell / spirals are nicely done / thr 2l / sbs fly cam sit upright ch sit upright ch sit - very well done - almost perfect sync / sbs steps move quickly well matched / hip lift to star / pair spin with cam & facing sit / 4th after short tot 80.5 gr tot 123.97 currently 2nd /
CAN Steele / Paxton Start No: 13
Notes: music: pallaido both in black with white trim - her dress is gorgeous / very nice 2tw high catch with arms overhead / sbs 2a out of sync but clean / lasso to one hand / thr 3l landed on 2 feet / sbs flycam sit as music softens & slows / overhead to one hand / lovely extension by both on the spirals / sbs 2z2t little of sync / thr 2l / step overhead to star to one hand / pair spin is nice / sbs steps chor'd to music in sync get a little slow / bids very fast going down nice pos / 2nd after short tot 85.97 gr tot 131.97 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Moscovitch / Moscovitch Start No: 14
Notes: music: samson & delilah both in teal / 2tw is very high & cath on hips with arms overhead / thr 2l / lasso to bent leg star / sbs 2z2t / sbs flycam sit iniside edge upright ch sit upright perfectsync until last upright / spirals are nice / thr 2s / sbs 2f / back spiral into nest cam pair spin - nice spin / hip lift to star to carry then continues the lift by rotating / O ftwrk chor'd right with music / toe over head to star to one hand - her air pos isn't quite as extended as it could be / bids into closing pose / 3rd after short currently 1st overall/