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Thread: Canadians - Senior Men Short Report

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    Canadians - Senior Men Short Report

    The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

    The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes.

    The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website

    The overall results so far are here

    Top 18 make it to the free skate

    CAN Marc-Olivier Bossee Start No: 1
    Notes: brown top with blue music: xotica / wasn't really organized to take proper notes (only barely 15min between Jr pair & this event) popped his z and popped 1st jump of combo / singled the axel as well / tot 35.17 gr tot 54.11 currently 1st overall /

    CAN Sylvain Bouillere Start No: 2
    Notes: white tshirt one black pant leg & one bright blue / 3t2t / mime type music & program if I remember right / 3l stumbled out of it / flysit with pos variation is fast / some acting now / 2a / and more in char stuff playing to the audience / into O ftwrk that is right in char to the music -maybe a bit simple but who cares it's great fun / back sit to inside ch sit with variation / some dancing into strt steps that again might be simple but in char of the music / cam sit broken leg upright back sit upright / and into closing pose in char of music / tot 45.27 gr tot 63.85 currently 1st overall /

    CAN Craig Finney Start No: 3
    Notes: white shirt black pants & suspenders / st louis blues / popped axel to single / 3t stepout 2t / flysit with pos variations / strt steps are with the music / hit the end of boards coming around after ftwrk work / 3? Out of footwork - bailed / didn't see the next spin / O ftwrk is right with the music but a little ragged / gorgeous pos on the camel that starts the combo spin and it ends with a wonderful xfoot / tot 33.14 gr tot 52.84 currently 3rd overall /

    CAN Daniel Eden Start No: 4
    Notes: music: bumble boogie bright royal blue satin shirt black pants / some dancing at centre ice to get started / ftwrk ? Double z / flysit good fly & fast low spin / strt ftwrk moves very well with the fast music and he's having fun with it / 3s 2ft 2t but he hung on / 2a / back sit is really fast with varations to front side with variations / he's having a blast out there / O ftwrk is working right with the fast piano notes / cam to start combo spin was a bit loopy but rest of spin was great as was the pos on the back camel / 43.43 gr tot 60.96 currently 2nd overall /

    CAN Cole Stanbra Start No: 5
    Notes: music: eyes wide shut black with red sequin design down one side / some chor to start / ftwrk 3l flipped out / bad pick on z & didn't get off ice / death drop good fly & very fast spin / 2a / strt ftwrk is very musical with the waltz beat / back sit to inside edge to forward sit both very fast / O ftwrk again flows very well with music / back cam starts combo spin with lovely layback in the middle / tot 38.06 gr tot 57.43 currently 3rd overall /

    CAN Tyler Cochrane Start No: 6
    Notes: light blue shirt & navy pants big band medley / got messed up and couldn't find him to write notes / 3z was absolutely huge and well done / doubled the flip and not sure what happened on the axel / tot 41.70 gr tot 57.64 currently 3rd overall /
    CAN Vaughn Chipeur Start No: 7
    Notes: Music: hotel california shades of brown & orange accents / some chor to start / huge 2a - very nice in the air / huge death drop nice low fast spin / 3f2t very well done / O ftwrk is with the music lots of twizzles - slows down towards the end - after the pause / ftwrk 3z fell / S ftwrk lots of extended 1 ft seq / back camel start the combo spin which got slow and then final spin went way over the music - but still within the 2:50 / tot 47.30 gr tot 68.99 currently 1st overall /
    CAN John Mattatall Start No: 8
    Notes: blackhawk down & last samuri shades of green shirt / sit ch sit nice low pos with variations - well done / 3t2t almost hand down on 1st jump / 3l fell under rot I think / strt ftwrk relates to the music / back cam with variation sit ch cam sit tuck upright - very nice spin / 2a / O ftwrk was well done / fell going into final spin / tot 40.95 gr tot 60.53 currently 3rd overall /
    CAN Ken Rose Start No: 9
    Notes: bright printed shirt in pinks & blue / blue for klock / some neat chor to start / 3z2t pitched forawrd on z but clean / some chor spread eagles then one right into 2a / sit ch sit with pos variations - goo dpos / cam sit starts combo spin cam pos excellent spin gets a little slow towards end / strt steps express the music / ftwrk 3f hung on to that edge for dear life / O ftwrk again expresses the music / buttfly back sit with variations - spin got slow toward the end / tot 53.85 gr tot 80.16 currently 1st overall /
    CAN Cedric Demers Start No: 10
    Notes: music: flamenco night / dark navy with cream accents / chor to set the mood / 3a well done / 3f step out / flamenco chor / sit ch sit is well done with variations / ftwrk 3z / flycam is fast with layout then donut - good pos / strt steps in char of music but a little stiff / combo spin has exceptionally fast forward sit ends in xfoot / O ftwrk seems very simple - flows well / tot 49.82 gr tot 70.43 currently 2nd overall /
    CAN Kevin Reynolds Start No: 11
    Notes: music: Laughing budda hoedown lime green shirt with black veritcal lines royal blue pants / a bit of movement at centre ice / 4s2t sal was 2fted but think fully rot / 2a / O ftwrk as hoedown music starts - steps were fast & with music at start but not sure of end / I think I just missed a spin / 3z fell out out / sit ch sit is centered with good speed but needs more sit / strt ftwrk has a bit of comedy to it and is with the music but I'm not fussy on it / combo spin multiple variations of pos & good speed / tot 52.69 gr tot 79.09 currently 2nd overall /
    CAN Maxime-Billy Fortin Start No: 12
    Notes: black with & red & black bands on lower arms music: hip hop & spitfire / 3z3t hung on to toe for dear life / some acting to the sticatto type music / 2a on a horrible lean but saved it - I think it was a 3 going up / some great fun chor at centre and then into O footwork that is fun again and has the crowd in the pal m of his hand / 3f fell / some more fun with the music & playing to the crowd / combo spin is ok - pos need to be defined more / strt ftwrk has crowd clapping - pretty good / fly sit in far corner into closing pos / the crowd loved it entertainment value & he's got a partial standing O - obviously not for the quality of the skating, but for the enjoyment factor / tot 51.71 gr tot 72.96 currently 3rd overall /
    CAN Patrick Chan Start No: 13
    Notes: music: tango medley - black with red sequin design / some chor into huge death drop with very good spin with pos variations / 3f3t so easily done / S ftwrk is in char of music but seems very simple to me / ftwrk big pause 3z / cam ch cam very good extension on front & quite good on back - nice spin / 2a just flew / strt ftwrk is very musical / combo spin es excellent great speed throughout & very good positions & variations / tot 63.85 gr tot 93.60 currently 1st overall /
    CAN Nicolas Young Start No: 14
    Notes: black with red swirling design music: revolution etude & other chopin / chor to soft piano / 3f3t very nice / 3a step out think rot but not sure / music gets dramatic then faster & crowd is clapping for O ftwrk - I'm not sure if something went wrong 1/2 way through / ftwrk into 3z / combo spin is fast with excellent pos & unique ones / deathdrop into sit variation - bit slow / strt ftwrk is very fast & right with music / back sit ch sit with pos variations / tot 64.70 gr tot 92.94 currently 2nd /
    CAN Mathew King Start No: 15
    Notes: music: nocturne in C sharp purpple with chiffon sleeves / some chor to start ftwrk 3s / 3t2t / flysit good fly with pos variations / cam ch cam with layover on front & back - very nice spin / O ftwrk flows with the music / 2a / strt ftwrk again flows with music / combo spin is very good / tot 48.39 gr total 72.69 currently 6th overall /
    CAN Marc-Andre Craig Start No: 16
    Notes: music: sway fushia patterned shirt / very nice 3a / 3f3t / a bit of chor / back cam starts combo spin with very good speed & variations except a little loopy on back cam / ftwrk pause 3z / ftwrk playing to the crowd as the music varies - bit of trip in middle / back sit ch sit with variations / strt ftwrk is musical & lots of deep edges / flysit to end / tot 64.81 gr tot 92.50 currently 3rd overall /

    CAN Hugh Yik Start No: 17
    Notes: music: beethovan medley dark blue with light top & cream belt & v inset / chor to start / 3a / huge death death drop with spin variations / some chor right at judges / 3z went bad in air fell / strt ftwrk is so musical / back sit with variations ch sit / ftwrk bad pick on flip - popped / O ftwrk is very good / combo spin good speed & positions / tot 50.20 gr tot 75.39 currently 6th overall /

    CAN Bryce Davison Start No: 18
    Notes: music: adagio for strings dark navy with turqoice applique on one side / 3z2t / ftwrk 3s / combo spin is very nice / 2a / O ftwrk ebbs & flows with music / now we has some weird music for sit ch sit that seems to go on forever - well done / strt ftwrk has crowd clapping to music / death drop to end / tot 50.83 gr tot 73.54 currently 7th overall /
    CAN Christopher Mabee Start No: 19
    Notes: music: piazzolla medley black with red hard to describe but very effective / sticatto tango music & chor to match then smooths out with violin / 3a - a beauty / 3z fell / music changes sticatto again for O ftwrk / back sit with twist & edge variation to front sit - good / ftwrk pause 3f / combo spin excellent speed & pos / strt ftwrk long seq on one foot building speed / death drop to fast spin with variations / tot 58.90 gr tot 90.47 currently 4th overall /

    CAN Jeffrey Buttle Start No: 20
    Notes: music: sing sing sing / black sweater with white collar & cuffs / some chor to start / 3f3t / 3a good enough / death drop with sit variations / O ftwrk is great - chor'd with the music and he expresses it so well / bit of trouble getting into back sit spin but managed to recover / ftwrk 3z way forward on landing but didn't put ahnd down / strt ftwrk is wonderful / some great chor into combo spin very good - great / love the ending to the program / tot 77.01 gr tot 115.52 currently 1st /
    CAN Shawn Sawyer Start No: 21
    Notes: music: libertango black with turqoise trim / chor to start / 3f3t / 3a not sure about 2ft - far enof rink / cam ch cam with his usual wonderful pos / ftwrk split jump 3l / strt ftwrk right with music / death drop with low fast sit with variations / O ftwrk is well done / combo spin starts with back cam with wonder ful pos and ends in his trademark split / he skated that about as good as he can / tot 69.90 gr tot 100.37 currently 2nd overall /
    CAN Emanuel Sandhu Start No: 22
    Notes: music: tango / black & red shirt black pants / 3f3t clean - smart move / 3a / deathdrop with great spin with variations / ftwrk 3z fell out hands down not sure if counted as fall / O ftwrk is excellent right with music / cam ch cam is to die for with great speed / dancing at far end into strt ftwrk that has crowd capping - not sure about level in that seq / combo spin si excellent / tot 72.80 gr tot 107.93 currently 2nd overall /
    CAN Keegan Murphy Start No: 23
    Notes: music: not shown black with bit of red sequin trim / chor to start right at judges / 3f bit forward 2t / death drop with very fast spin / some nice chor between elemnts / 2a / music picksup for O ftwrk well done / ftwrk 3z / back sit is fast ch sit with variations / strt ftwrk is good / combo spin is excellent / tot 55.88 gr tot 82.57 currently 8th /
    CAN Ben Ferreira Start No: 24
    Notes: music: rodrigo white shirt with black bolero & pants / 3z3t very nice / crowd is clapping as music picks and around for 3a had it then fell off edge / O ftwrk is good / butterflies to back sit / ftwrk 3f hand down / back sit with variations ch sit / strt ftwrk is with music / combo spin ends in xfoot - into closing pose / tot 61.98 gr tot 91.66 currently 7th overall /

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    Thanks for the update! Go Jeff. 7-8 point lead before FS... and this is not SkateCanada!

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