The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes. I didn't get here in time for the 1st 2 groups - I only had 2 choices of shuttles this morning - 7:30am or 9:30am and since it was after midnight when I got out of here last night, 7:30 was just too early. . .

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website
The overall results are here

CAN Charlotte Belair Start No: 1
CAN Marianne Laporte Start No: 3
CAN Amanda Juteau Start No: 4
CAN McMilan Wilkowich Start No: 5
CAN Mckenzie Pedersen Start No: 6
CAN Katherine De Repentigny Start No: 7
CAN Izabel Valiquette Start No: 8
CAN Victoria Lyn Reagonzins Start No: 9
CAN Brooke Paulin Start No: 10

CAN Bianca Gonzales Start No: 11
Notes: music: Dracula black sweater over white shirt with red design / appropriate chor to ominous sounding music - very nice set up for the program / 3t turnout bit shakey on lading / 2a2t / she seems to be moving a bit slow / sal didn't get off ice / 2l / layback lovely classic position then foot to head / 2t that was supposed to be a 3 / 2a / spirals are good / flycam with layover nicely done / strt ftwrk as ominous music is building / 2f2t / combo spin with good pos & speed / tot 58.55 gr total 94.33 currently 2nd overall /

CAN Amanda Valentine Start No: 12
Notes: music: american in paris / vertical black & white striped bodice black skirt with prink trim & white gloves / travel 3s into 3l2l2l bit shakey on the last jump / 3t fell / there isn't a lot of chor / 2a fell / 2f / lyaback sideways to strt - nice spin good arm pos / 3l tight landing - fought for it / coe spiral in catch foot / 2t / flycam to donut good speed on spin - goes into donut nicely - camel pos cold have more extension / 2z2t / strt ftwrk strt steps are quick & with music / combo spin is good / tot 58.77 gr tot 93.74 currently 4th overall /
CAN Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver Start No: 13
Notes: music: danse macabre & Faust / black strapless with silver around top of bodice / nice bit of movement to start us off / right into 2a / split jumps steps 2l2t / fly sit ok fly took a few revs to get into sit pos / 2f2t / music changes & slows & some chor / spirals are nice - cover a lot of ice / 2z or 2f fell / layback with foot to head / 2a / 2 tano lutz / strt steps on beat of music / 2a step out 2t / combo spin to end has nice pos / tot 61.12 gr tot 96.03 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Alexandra Simon Start No: 14
Notes: music: Carmen suite dark red v neck with 2 layer skirt with gold trim / familiar bells start us off with a few moves / 2f full circle on landing thnk she wanted to add a loop / 2a hands down / 2z / flycam to donut - nice layout pos on camel / 1f / 2l2l / beillman - very nice looking one - went into easily / music picks up with castanets and a bit of chor then into spirals / 2a / there isn't the fire in her expression that's really needed to sell this music / strt steps / combo spin / tot 51.60 gr tot ?? Didn't hear it currently in 8th place over all .
CAN Kristy Dobson Start No: 15
Notes: music: firebird fluoscent orange with shredded skirt / they're having to pick up insulation off the ice after every skater and there's a fair delay - the delay for Kristy is the worst so far - there's 4 of them on the ice picking it up there's now 8 people on the ice and they've put the music on / forward charlotte into spread eagle to opening fluttering music / 2a fell - very slow into it / 2s / flysit with ok fly & very good fast low spin / I just missed a jump -kids in front of me moving around grrrrr / 2f / layback is good / 2t fell / sashaesque spiral into forward charlotte / series of jumps at far end that were meant to start with 2z but not sure what she did / strt ftwrk is done with music / 2s funny step out - was meant to be a 3s / combo spin is well done / tot 51.91 gr tot 87.09 currently in 9th overall /
CAN Kathryn Kang Start No: 16
Notes: music: The Mohini Enchantment dress is purple with turqoise & silver sequins - annie bellemare's dress / music starts with chanting - I don't like it actually / 3t perfectly done / the music changed quickly to violin / 3s2t / 3z fell / 2a / layback has gorgeous pos almost flat back (wish it would last longer) / 3s / strt ftwrk long sequences on 1 foot / there isn't a lot of chor in this program / 2a2t flycam with very nice pos & good speed / there isn't much relationship between the chor & the music or her & the music / spirals are ok / 2f / combo spin is quite good / tot 66.24 gr tot 104.80 currently 1st /
CAN Diane Szmiett Start No: 17
Notes: music: witches of eastwick black with turqoise / 3t2t2t / 2z - planned sheet shows 3z / 3s very low landing & foot down quick - not sure if clean / sit spin with unique pos - very nice / music is flowing now and some nice chor with spread eagles / 3f / spirals are good / 2a / 2z hop turn 2f / combo spin with
good pos & speed / 3t might have been 2ft - far end of rink / strt steps are very light & with the sticatto music / flysit with great high tuck & low fast spin / tot 71.54 gr tot 112.60 currently 1st overall /

CAN Kristin Bonkowski Start No: 18
Notes: music: tangos dress is black with truqoise trim & underskirt / right into flycam very good speed & pos to catchfoot / 3t hand down / 3s stumbled out / O ftwrk is with music - quite slow / bailed on axel / sit ch sit is well done good pos & speed / spirals are good / ina turns 2a landed early on 2 feet / 3t 2ft turnout not sure - far end of rink - but it wasn't clean / combo spin is good incl beillman / 2f2t2l / tot 53.52 gr tot 90.70 currently 9th overall /

CAN Stefani Marotta Start No: 19
Notes: music: carmen suite wearing spanish style black & red 3/4 length sleeves with ruffle / carmen bells start us off again / 3f bit unsteady on landing touchdown & turn to get 2nd jump off 2t / didn't really see the spin / 3t2t - nicely done / flysit with very good height & tuck - spin pos could be lower / music slows into familiar melody for some chor into 3t / 2f / 2a2t2t / spirals are ok / music picks up for ftwrk very turney & with the music / 2a bit pitched forward but clean / 2a / back cam donut sit upright chg sit layback to end the program - spin fit very nicely with the last bit of music / tot 70.78 gr tot 107.51 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Devon Neuls Start No: 20
Notes: music: tarzan black & orange leopard print / some neat chort to start / 2a pitched way forward but didn't put hands down / 3t / death drop is very good with spin variations / music changes & some 'animal' chor / now it softens / 3s2t / 2a2t / spirals are good but a bit wobbly on the coe / 2f / layback with head to foot / strt steps to clangy music - movement works well with it / 2s step out / 2z / combo spin cam pos a bit weak & didn't really attain it on the back half / tot 69.60 gr tot 107.25 currently 3rd overall /

CAN Natalie Kwong Start No: 21
Notes: music: matrix is one piece but it’s a mishmash of a bunch of stuff / navy blue at top shading to fushia & pink - gorgeous / chor to start is good / 2a / 3z came out early on 2 feet / 3s2t / flycam with wonderful extension & layover pos / music changes to ahhhhhhhhs with under tone & chor to match / 3t pitched forward on landing but hung on & did 2t / spirals are nice / 2a fell / 3t landed funny on both feel / layback is excellent low back & fast / strt steps to chanting of some sort - well done / 3s / combo spin - is excellent fast with extended positions - very good / tot 65.56 gr tot 104.73 currently in 5th overall /