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Thread: Canadians - Senior Dance - OD - Report

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    Canadians - Senior Dance - OD - Report

    The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

    The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes. I didn't see the first 2 groups - there just isn't enough time between the events to get everything done and get back up to see the start of the next event.

    This report is late because I would have missed the beginning of the pairs in order to get it posted right after the event (and I wasn't about to miss any of the pairs).

    The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website
    overall results so far are here

    CAN Hurst / Fotheringham Start No: 1
    CAN Provost-Savaria / Bisson Start No: 2
    CAN Todaro / Evans Start No: 3
    CAN Morin / DeFazio Start No: 4
    CAN Stoveld / Stoveld Start No: 5
    CAN Lambrinakos-Raymond / Pelletie Start No: 6
    CAN Williamson / Olson Start No: 7
    CAN Gallagher / Simpson Start No: 8

    CAN Wing / Lowe Start No: 9
    Notes: music: Mambo Gozon / ? / Living la Vida Loca her in rusty-red halter with silver trim him in black shirt & pants / diag steps in hold almost the whole time - nice twizzles / now romatic vocal and their mood has change to match - curve lift with him in spreadeagle her upside down / / spin him in sit her in catchfoot change to facing sit / music picks up again for midline he slipped and touched down his free foot 1/3 of thw way through twizzles at end match perfectly / rot lift with her upside down with foot to head / if he had to slip at least it wasn't during the twizzle part of the midline / 36.77 from CD 56.38 for OD gr tot 93.15 currently 1st overall /
    CAN Findlay / Dougherty Start No: 10
    Notes: music: Igbae her in mint green him in matching shirt & black pants / I like their opening moves / diag steps nicely done to music - seem a little simple / curve lift with him in spread eagle her upside down change to other curve / spin in trad pairs sit pos / change of music - fast now and some fun chor in place / midline twizzles in sync but a little unsteady by both rest of seq was quite good / rot lift with her horiztonal to ice him only using one arms / fun dance - felt it was a little rough in places / 25.76 from CD 44.81 gr tot 70.57 currently 2nd overall /
    CAN Graham / Poje Start No: 11
    Notes: her in multicolour pink & black with pink on hem him in black / dance with me is the 1st music / nice flow to them / diag steps were good / curve lift changed curves but not really defined / spin in trad pair sit pos / music change / midline - out of sync on 2nd twizzles, 3rd seemed ok but seemed a little out for rest of seq. / rot lift was very well done / her hair is not tied back at all and was too much in her face through the dance / 26.06 from CD 41.62 gr tot 67.68 currently in 3rd overall /
    CAN Karam / McGrath Start No: 12
    Notes: her in shades of yellow to orange at hem in black with orange sequins / romatic to start femal volcal / seems a little empty to me so far / lift with him in squatch her upside down / spin in camel & sit pos / music change diag steps we soso - a couple of hitches that I saw / midline was in excellent sync with twizzles at end / one arm rot lift with her draped over it - nice / 25.5 from CD 45.44 gr tot 70.94 currently 2nd overall / .

    CAN Senft / Gislason Start No: 13
    Notes: her in turqoice him in matching shirt & dark pants / opening moves are ok - music is romantic male vocal / very nice opening steps once they got moving expressing the music very well / the lift was in there but integrated and I was writing so didn't really see it / diag steps were very nice as was the pair spin with change of pos / now into same - I feel like they have the expression right / midline steps were very well done but they seemed very simple to me up until the twizzles / rotation lift with I think one hand / 28.57 from CD 46.58 gr tot 75.15 currently 2nd overall /

    CAN Csumrik / Gallagher Start No: 14
    Notes: music starts with You're my everything her in fushia with black trim & string fringe him in black / simple but very nice flowing moves / diag steps are with the music / very nice lift with him in spread eagle / spin her in catch foot change to kneeling pos / music change and dancing at centre ice / midline very good sync - nicely done - bit simple / rot lift with her in catch foot - started as one arm but then he used his other arm to hold her / 24.71 from CD 40.8 gr tot 65.51 currently 6th overall /
    CAN Girard / Yaeger Start No: 15
    Notes: music starts with historia d'un amour her in lemon yellow him in flowered shirt / I like their opening dance moves / diag steps nice twizzle at start rest in char of music / curve lift with change of her pos / spin in trade pair sit then change to back to back low pos / midline - little out of sync on end of 1st twizzles but ok for 2nd - 34d set at end of seq seemed a tiny bit out of sync / lots of dancing in this program / rot lift with her in straight horizontal pos / 28.54 from CD 47.38 gr tot 75.92 currently 2nd overall /

    CAN Dubreuil / Lauzon Start No: 16
    Notes: music: salsa rhumba salsa her in cream satin with almost a bustle effect on back / not sure if I like it or not / playful chor to open / midline - thinka tiny bit out at end of 1st twizzle and think she put her foot down just after that - still a very nice seq - I love the way it slowed down with the music when it changed / sorry too busy watching and forgot to write / 'statue' lift is very good / spin is very good / diag steps - they seem a little slow across the but very complex / rot lift with her hanging off one arms of his - very good / 41.87 from CD 62.47 gr tot 104.34 currently 1st overall /

    CAN Virtue / Moir Start No: 17
    Notes: music: beautiful maria & do you wanna dance her in hot fushia with silver / they were in place to start and a bunch of insulation fell so there's 4 of them out cleaning it up / nice opening section / spin her in catch foot change to him in full sit / curve lift with her vertical then change of pos / music change / midline perfect sync throughout - good speed / diag steps are very complex - well done / rot lift - seemed a little messy with the hold at one point - not quite sure if it was mean to be that way and it was just a position change or if there was a mistake / 32.96 from CD 57.39 gr tot 90.35 currently 3rd overall /
    CAN Lefebvre / Markov Start No: 18
    Notes: music: senorita sexy & you're my everything / her in mainly illusion & pink shreded skirt him in black / midline - very well done in sync - not sure about 2nd set of twiizles by him / curve lift with change of pos / spin in trad pair sit / music picks up again diag steps are good / one arm rot lift / 32.42 from CD 51.02 gr tot 83.44 currently 4th overall /
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