The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes. I

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website
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CAN Mathew King Start No: 1
Notes: I watched him skate from the top of the stairs - didn't get back in time from the pairs / he skated a perfect program - I had tears in my eyes when he finished - he's never made the final free skate at a Canadians before and he had 3 personal bests here this week

CAN Vaughn Chipeur Start No: 2
Notes: cream shirt with black pants / phantom is the music / 3z is huge / some chor /2a2t / cam flyover cam catfoot - nicely done / music of the night now and some gentle chor to match / 3s hand down / 3t step out / huge death drop with fast low spin / 2l / slid spiral on beat of music / some emoting chor in place in front of judges / 2a / sit spins / O ftwrk is right with music & nicely done / 3f stumbled out early / strt steps are ok / 2z / combo spin is actually quite weak - usually his sit is very good / 68.99 coming in long 83.91 gr tot 152.90 currently 2nd overall /

CAN Sylvain Bouillere Start No: 3
Notes: music edward scissorhands for part of it white & black with gloves - really neat costume - I love / some chor to soft music / 2f / 2z / 3f hop 3s under rot both hands down / combo spin is very nice - with music / big change in music & some acting/miming at the end of boards - chor matches it beautifully & he skated it well / pause & soft twinkling music with ahhs / and some chor to match / back upright spin variations that change with the music / 3 l under rot both hands down / 2a2t / 2t bailied what was to be triple / one foot combo spin with great pos & speed / music is picking up now O ftwrk phrased with the music/ 2a step out / 2f / flysit fly is only soso and so is spin / coming in 63.84 long 71.21 gr tot 135.05 currently 3rd overall
CAN Maxime-Billy Fortin Start No: 4
Notes: pink shirt dark pants / opening to twinkly music the heavy drum beat / 3z3t2l / axel went of heel / combo spin sit pos are good cam needs more extension / 3f2t / music changes gain - electric guiate & into O ftwrk to undescribable music - he's having fun with it and the crown in front to him / 2a / back flysit not a big fly but don't think I've seen it before the sit spin was good / 3l not real steady but clean / although I can't really make sense of the music I am enjoying the program and the music / 2s / he did a spin while I was writing and am not sure of what it was / diag ftwrk is just great coming straight at me with a big smile at the crowd and they really got into it - it was a good set of footwork too / 3t / 1a / back upright xfoot spin that was really short / coming in 72.96 long 94.96 gr tot 167.92 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Bryce Davison Start No: 5
Notes: music: Sleepy Hollow soundtrack / wearing his pairs long program costume (aside from the fact there was no time to change - his reg long program costume is too big / 3s2t turnout on toe / flysit is very nice slow sit pos / 3z fell / 2a looked so easy / 2f / and some chor into low music for sit ch sit with excellent low pos & variations / slower soft music and some emoting down this way for 3 t bailed early / 2a / back sit spin / 3t pick slipped didn't get off ice / 3s / O ftwrk is with the music maybe a little slow into strt ftwrk that is good but a little simple I think / spread eagle series very nice 3t step out / back spin start the combo spin that is not his best / he only finished winning his way to the Olypic team in pairs 30 minutes ago / coming in 73.54 long 81.80 gr tot 155.34 currently 3rd overall /
CAN Cedric Demers Start No: 6
Notes: brown shirt with orange ite / some chor to sax / big band swing / bailed on axel into single / a little shoulder wagging as he goes by the judges / 3z turnsout 3t 2ft / dancing in place / death drop to fast lost sit spin / 3z really wild on landing but clean / music slows to sax again ina / 3f with a big smile on his face / spread eagle with arms crossed / 3z2t kind of stumbled out of toe / 3s another big smile / flycam is fast with excellent pos to donut / 2l / sit ch sit and music picks up again - very nice spin fast & low with variations / S ftwrk is very musical & fun but seems simple / strt ftwrk again is musical a little more complex / 2l / turns 2a step out / combo spin is well done until the last sit pos when he almost fell out of it / coming in 70.43 long 81.65 gr tot 152.08 currently in 5th overall /
CAN Kevin Reynolds Start No: 7
Notes: music: purple top black pants with white on front purple is in vest shape - aside from colour it's quite similar to his prvious costume / 2a / music picks up now and a bit of ftwrk for chor / 3z / 4s 2ft think rotated / a bit of chor into flysit to start combo spin / pause at end of boards and a couple of spirals to slow soft piano / 3s nice / 2a3t / 3z3t2l / 3s / upright spin with variations is well done / music picks up now and crowd is clapping O ftwr, which didn't seem to have a lot to it but was right with music / 3f2t / diag ftwrk is much more complex with driving beat & crowd is clapping / spin that I didn't really see / combo spin starting with nice samel to multiple upright variations / coming in 79.09 long 118.58 gr tot 197.67 currently 1st overall /
CAN Hugh Yik Start No: 8
Notes: black with cream accents / some dancey chor then around for huge 3f3t / 3a really low on landing but clean / 3z2t / huge huge death drop to pretty good spin / some chor / 2s / pause & into O ftwrk with music change crowd is clapping ftwrk is right with music & long seq on 1 ft / 3l / backsit twisted & more variations / music changes to sultry sax and some movement to match / lovely spiral / 2z / 1a / butterfly sit spin very nice spin / strt steps are well done / pick slipped going in on flip popped it / combo spin with flyovers is very good / coming in 75.39 long 107.10 gr tot 182.49 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Keegan Murphy Start No: 9
Notes: white shirt with red tie open at neck / twinkly music to start and some neat chor to start / 3f3t / 3a fell / death drop to fast sit / pause in music and now it start to build into O ftwrk that is dynamic & with the music uses whole body / 3z2t2l / music softens again and some chor / 3z 2ft / 3f / I missed the upright spin getting caught up with notes / fly cam was very nice / 2l / 2a / strt ftwrk expresses the music 3s / combo spin to end - bit of slip on the 'otherway spin' but a good job / coming in 82.57 long 109.59 gr tot 192.16 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Ben Ferreira Start No: 10
Notes: music: untouchables dark pinstripe vest & pants cream shirt / huge ovation from the crowd when was introduced and he acknowledge them / 3a3t / 3t2t2t / 3f had it then caught edge / death drop not huge air but nice spin / 3z fell / music changes and some chor to slow music / 2a / back sit to upright spin / 2l / 3s quick step forward but not quite a step out / O ftwrk is with the music / pause at end of boards for music to change for strt steps crowd is clapping along / arabian into back sit / 3z both hands down / flycam starts the combo spin and the crowd is giving him a great ovation pretty well the whole arena is on tehir feet - a big huge from Chris Mabee who is the next to skate / coming in 91.66 long 108.64 gr tot 200.30 currently 1st overall /\
CAN Christopher Mabee Start No: 11
Notes: dark shirt with beige pants & suspenders / some chor to sax / 3l perfect / some more chor / music gets a swing beat 3a2t / 3z3t step out of toe / back sit is fast & lost with great variations / huge deather drop to drum beats and some chor / music is soft 7 slow piano and some chor / 2a3t / 3f / 3z / music drums for strt ftwrk that is right with music / crowd is clapping along / 3s / head in hands at judges and a bit of comedy now opens a door and into 2a / combo spin is great and he's dancing to the swing music in his O ftwrk - you almost don't even realize it's seq / flycam into combo spin / and boy is he happy with that / the crowd is on their feet and he's down to the far end to acknowledge his family 1st and back to centre ice to take his bows / coming in 90.47 long 124.75 gr tot 225.22 currently 1st overall /
CAN Ken Rose Start No: 12
Notes: cream shirt with black & pink accents / some emoting chor to start / 3z3t landed toe in shoot duck / 1foot ftwrk lmost the ful length of rink into 3f / stread eagle into 2a / 3l pitched forward but clean / music is picking up into O ftwrk that is right with the music / cam sit back cam donut sit - very nice spin with great pos & good speed / flysit with tuck / pause for some chor / spread eagle into 3z / 3f3t2l / flycam to donut excellent pos bit slow on spin / 2a / strt ftwrk chor'd right with music that starts to build 1/2 way through / 3s2t / butterfly sit spin with variations & change of foot twice / coming in 80.15 long 111.42 gr tot 191.58 currently 5th overall /
CAN Patrick Chan Start No: 13
Notes: black with red design across chest & back & down one leg / some chor to opening bars - shows his line / 3s turnout / nice death drop good air & nice spin variations / travel 3s into 3l step out / O ftwrk flows with music - nicely done / he really motors / 3z2t2l / a bit of edgey chor / 2a way off in air fell onto hands not sure if bum hit ice / cam ch cam with lovely extension & pos / 3f / diag ftwrk is very turny at start with music / 3t3t kind of flipped out of 2nd one / pick slipped going into lutz / sit spin with nice variations / crowd is clapping encouragement 2a2t that I think was a 1a 2t / combo spin is excellent / coming in 93.6 long 108.71 gr tot 202.31 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Shawn Sawyer Start No: 14
Notes: very dark navy blue vlevet with royal blue crystals / chor to dramatic opening piano / 3f3t / 3z 2ft but think rotated / 3z 2ft heavily but think rot / some nice moves gorgeous ina / cam ch cam with wonderful positions & variations / spiral as only he can do / 2a / music changes for lyrical for O ftwrk that is phrased just so / walley split jump 3l hop 3t - beautiful seq of he seq / back cam spin with variations / some dramatic chor and into a spread eagle seq/ 3f bit tight on landing but clean / deathdrop into fast low sit / strt ftwrk is excellent / 2a hop into back cam sit fly over sit ch sit into side split / not perfect but pretty darn good / coming in 100.37 long 132.53 gr tot 232.90 currently 1st overall /
CAN Nicolas Young Start No: 15
Notes: black sweater with orange shirt collar / swing medley / some neat chor to opening piano & drums / now the beat picks up / spread eagle 3z tight on landing but held it 2t2l / a bit of chor / 3a 2ft & a bit wild but think rotated / 3t2t / deathdrop to nice spin with variations / 3s / bluesy music now and some body moves / 3a2ft 2t not real pretty but done / 3s after some neat chor / spin variation in the far corner / diag steps to drum beat are just great fast & right with the music with a whimsical flair / 3f / a bit more fun chor / back cam sit starts combo spin that is really good / and some spy type music and chor to match O ftwrk is in the them of the music & matches beautifully - crowd is loving it / back shoot duck into 2a / flyover cam start combo spin ends a great program / coming in 92.94 long 125.87 gr tot 218.81 currently 3rd overall /
CAN Emanuel Sandhu Start No: 16
Notes: purple pants black top with turqoise bands with dangly bits / some neat chor to start to interesting music / 4t stepout 2t / 3a pushed it through / butterfly sit with good variations / 3z / some chor / 3s / music softens & slows and a spread eagle / popped axel / spiral is neat / 3l3t / 3t / upright spin with variations / music starts to build again / 3f / O ftwrk is with the weird music / camel spin with variations? / strt steps are with music / I can't get into this program somehow / combo spin is excellent great pos & speed / coming in 107.93 long 139.15 gr tot 247.08 currently 1st overall /

CAN Marc-Andre Craig Start No: 17
Notes: turqoise velvet top in jacket effect with light blue trim & striped shirt / some chor to opening notes - slow piano / 3a under rot fell / 3l as music pics up and some chor / 3f3t hopped out of toe / combo spin is very fast on front half good on back but not as fast / 3z / strt steps are right with music - nicely done - he's maybe not inately musical but much improved from what I remember / upright spin variation / nice spread eagle / 2a (planned as 3) / some nice chor to swig music - girls up behind me (queec team) are screaming as he does it / 3s / O ftwrk is chor'd right to music & he's expressing it well / 3f / I missed a jump / combo spin as music speeds up and crowd is clapping / coming in 92.5 long 114.25 gr tot 206.75 currently 5th overall /
CAN Jeffrey Buttle Start No: 18
Notes: navy blue chiffon with beige & green braid trim brown pants / samson & delilah / chor to opening bars / 3f3t / some chor / 4t fell / beautiful inside spread eagle / music is building 3a2t / back cam sit upright on one foot - nice spin / some emoting chor at centre ice / 3a very tight landing but stayed on one foot / dramatic stop with music & some chor / 2l off in air / strt ftwrk phrased with music - maybe a bit simple / ina 3z2t2l / 3s / butterfly sit with variations / music changes & starts to build again 3z / O ftwrk is great / sit spin with variations / combo spin is great / coming in 115.52 long 151.30 gr tot 266. ? Currently 1st /