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Thread: Skating Events on VCDs

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    Skating Events on VCDs

    Now available in Video CD

    Alexei Yagudin Special (3 hours)
    Exhibition 2002 Olys
    Olympics LP Live feed, vtr feed, digital feed
    Olympics SP
    Exhibition GPF 2001-2002
    GPF Free Dance B MITIM
    Alexei yagudin Special Interview for Olys
    lalique 2001 LP
    lalique 2001 SP
    Skate Canada 2001 LP
    Skate Canada 2001 SP
    Exhibition Lalique 2000
    Lalique 2000 LP
    Skate Canada 2000 LP
    Lalique 1999 LP
    Skate canada 1999 (Todd Elvis takeshi Alexei tobel doing spiral sequence for encore presentation)
    Skate Canada 1999 Lp
    Skate Canada 1999 SP
    Skate America 1999 Exh
    Skate America 1999 LP
    Skate America 1999 SP
    Grandslam of figure Skating 1999
    masters 1999

    Michelle Kwan Precious Moments On Ice (6 Hours)
    Mulan Special
    Disney On Ice with Elvis, Oksana and Ilia
    1996 Nationals SP and LP
    1998 Nationals SP and LP
    1998 Olys SP and LP
    1998 Goodwill Games SP
    1998 Worlds LP
    1999 Keri Lotion "Dante's Prayer"
    1999 Masters "A day in the life" "Kissing You"
    1999 Nationals SP and LP
    2001 Nationals SP and LP
    Skating Tribute
    2002 Nationals SP and LP plus Exhibition
    2002 Olys SP and Exhibition (LP optional)

    via BS1 japanese sports cable channel (33 hours)
    Moments of Glory a summary of Olympic stories and video clips FS legends
    (includes Sonja Henie in four olympics and her first
    victory in Worlds, Gillis Grafstorm three time olympic gold and silver medallist, Dick Button and his triple loop jump, Tenley albright who had a similar cut on the leg ala oksana baiul, the jenkins and carol heiss plus their wedding, the propotovs, peggy fleming, dorothy hamill, gordeeva and grinkov, john curry, katarina witt, torvill and dean, battle of the brians)
    Highlights of the Opening ceremonies in SLC 2002
    Pairs SP and LP from BS 1 a japanese digital sports cable channel co-hosted by Midori Ito (all pair skaters and all of their warm ups)
    Collision of S/P and B/S captured in all angles
    podium Scene
    Larry King Live
    Second Medal Ceremony
    Moments of Glory (Optional)
    Olympic Highlights Opening Ceremony (optional)
    BS 1 feed all 28 Men in SP and warm ups and 21 Men in LP
    Medal Ceremony
    Mark Lund's Review
    Moments of Glory (Optional)
    Olympic Highlights Opening Ceremony (optional)
    Mark Lund's Preview (WOW He got this one 3 for 3)
    BS 1 feed Compulsory Dance 1 and 2 (Top 5 Teams)
    Original Dance (Top 1 and Free Dance (Top 1
    Medal Ceremony
    Ladies Competition
    VOLUME Five
    2 hours and 30 mins Exhibition


    MASTERS '99 (1 hour)

    US NATIONALS 2002 (8 hours)
    ladies sp (sasha, angela, mk, sarah, beatrisa, ann patrice and et. al.)
    Men's sp (todd, ryan bradley, timothy, matt, weiss, derrick, weir, and et al)
    Pairs' sp ( Ina & Zimmerman, Scott & Dulebohn, Parchem, Hartsells et al)
    dANCE OD (top
    Dance FD (Top 3)
    Ladies ( MK, sarah, Angela, sasha)
    Men's (Derrick, Goebel, Todd. Weiss, matt, weir)
    Pairs (Ina, scott, parchem)

    GRANDSLAM OF FIGURE SKATING 2001 (7-8 hours)
    Includes Ilia, Katia, Boitano, Bonaly, Galindo, Bobek, Bauil, Urmanov, Sato
    Candeloro, Witt, Cadavy, Cousins, Lu Chen and others

    WORLD PROS 2001 (3 hours)

    If interested please email me at

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    Re: Skating Events on VCDs

    What's the video quality of the VCDs?

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    Re: Skating Events on VCDs

    VCDs are VHS tapes in DVD format

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