The marks were announced and I now (sitting in my proper seat) can't see the board well enough to copy down the tec & tcs scores. I just get what is announced.

The following notes are what I saw while the skater was on the ice and have not been checked against the protocol for mistakes. I didn't get here in time for the 1st 2 groups - I only had 2 choices of shuttles this morning - 7:30am or 11:00am and since there were only practises until the dance started at 10:30am I wasn't about to get here for 8:00am

The official results & detailed skater's protocols are posted on the Skate Canada website
The overall results are here

CAN Morin / DeFazio Start No: 1
CAN Provost-Savaria / Bisson Start No: 2
CAN Hurst / Fotheringham Start No: 3
CAN Lambrinakos-Raymond / Pelletie Start No: 4
CAN Stoveld / Stoveld Start No: 5
CAN Todaro / Evans Start No: 6
CAN Williamson / Olson Start No: 7
CAN Gallagher / Simpson Start No: 8

CAN Senft / Gislason Start No: 9
Notes: music: Volver her in dark red & black pattern with ruffle him in red shirt with cutouts down sleeves / tango / good opening moves - sets the mood / nice set of twizzles - in sync / nice tango rythmn to steps / spin in trad pair sit pos / curve lift into rot lift nicelydone / really nice romantic feel to this section / some lovely (but slow) chor to slower music with great set of twizzles / now the music picks up with a driving beat and so does their speed for O ftwrk nice tpoint toes by both of them ftwk flowed / rot lift with her in stag pos / upside down lift with him on one foot into curve lift in spread eagle / curve lift with her upside down horizontal to ice / thoroughly enjoyable dance - not sure about the difficulty but I liked it / 75.15 coming in 81.78 in free gr tot 156.93 currently 1st overall /
CAN Karam / McGrath Start No: 10
Notes: music: Czardas - hungarian dance folk style costumes - her dress has a gorgeous bronze sheen to it with white underskirt / spin in catch foot pos changing to sit then she spins with music / romantic slower music for twizzles - out of sync on 1st but very good on 2nd set / low lift with her in stag pos changing to curve with change of pos / now music picks up and the crowd is clapping / their movement has picked up with music but not their speed - they're kind of slow / end of this section she jumps onto his knees - kind of cute / curve lift with him in spread eagle ten changes to rot lift / music picks up again for another set of twizzles that are ok but not perfect sync / It feels to me like they're doing the same steps over and over again a lot of him twirling her which I guess is in character of the dance but it's almost getting monotonous / 70.94 coming in 78.8 free tot 149.74 currently 2nd overall /
CAN Findlay / Dougherty Start No: 11
Notes: music: flamenco nights her in fushia & black him in black vest & pants cream shirt with cumberbund / trad moves at centre ice to start / curve lift with her upside down him in spread eagle / some very edgy skating to slower guitar music / twizzles match well on both sets / music is picking up now / lift with him in bent leg spread eagle & her upside down leaning out horizontal with no support - neat looking / now we have the fast flamenco clapping / a couple of minor slips by him? / spin is in low facing sit pos / anoth pair of twizzles - 1st very good 2nd out of sync / rot lift with her wrapped around him they went down near the end of it / S ftwrk - thought it had to be O but I may have something wrong - was ok / I found it to be a very disjointed dance - series of elements but not much real dancing in between them / 70.57 coming in 70.58 in free gr tot 141.15 currently 3rd overall /
CAN Csumrik / Gallagher Start No: 12
Notes: her in black & red red on one side black on other on top & reverse on skirt him in black - don't have sheet so don't know music / starts out with soft piano and suitble moves / twizzles match / upside down lift with really quick nice entrance - hard to describe / problems by her on a set of twizzles / S ftwrk from them too? - quite nicely done / curve lift with change of curve - bit of a slip on dismount / spin with with her in catchfoot change to sit in unusal pos / this dance is feeling long to me / low lift into rot lift / music has picked up -same melody (know idea what it is) but instruments have been added / this dance didn't hold my attention at all / 65.51 coming in 67.14 in free gr tot 132.65 currently 4th overall /
CAN Graham / Poje Start No: 13
Notes: music: danse macabre her in red with kerchief hem bit of black underskirt him in black with silver seqin & bit of red accent / like the opening moves at centre ice / low lift on curve her upside down / she went down 1/2 through the O ftwrk / bit far apart on twizzles but in sync / again a bit out on the next sets of twizzles / very fast rot lift / spin in trad pair sit pos / rot lift with her at his soulders pause & change direction of rot and one a one arms lift / think there might have been a problem by her on the last set oftwiizles / another rot lift with her draped over his arm / I liked this dance better than the last but it wasn't all that well skated / 67.68 coming in 70.26 in free gr tot 137.94 currently 4th overall /
CAN Virtue / Moir Start No: 14
Notes: music: malaguena her in red backless with one sleeve (cut very low in back) & ruffle around him him in black / nice opening moves and right into the rythmn / curve lift to rot lift is very nice / twizzles are excellent / music has really picked up and so have their movement / slower again spin with her in catch foot chnge to low sit in very nice pos / S ftwrk or jus the dance - is very well done / twizzles are very good / curve lift with change of curve in spread eagle & catch foot / strt low lift with her upside down horizontal / O ftwrk is very complex lots of seq on one foot / one arm rot lift / bit of slip going into close pose / very good dance a couple of places where I thought they sacraficed flow a bit too much for difficulty - esp in O ftwrk / 90.35 coming in 94.53 in free gr tot 184.88 /
CAN Wing / Lowe Start No: 15
Notes: music: latin medley mainly piazzolia both in black with silver shimmer her with bit of royal blue to it / nice moves to set it off / twizzles are excellent / nice low move / pause for change of music O ftwrk flows really well nice twizzles in it - not that difficult but very well done / rot lift with her in catch foot with change of rot / music change and some chor / twiizzles match well / spin with her in catch foot into low sit / curve lift with her upside down with change of curve / curve lift with change of pos / S ftwrk is fairly complesx & flows well / rot lift with her in splits / some nice moves into closing pose / 93.15 coming in 94.10 free gr tot 187.88 currently 1st overall /
CAN Lefebvre / Markov Start No: 16
Notes: music: Psycho acoustic overture both in red & orange shredded effect costumes - really effective / moves to start are right with music & unique & effective / twizzles are very good / O ftwrk is good - nice compromise between speed & difficulty / rotation lift very close to boards / music slows lift on one leg changing to curve lift / lift in spread eagle with change of pos / spin in trad pair sit spin pos / twiizles match well / music picks up again this section seems very slow to me / one arm rot lift with change of rot / 83.44 coming in 86.1 in free gr tot 169.54 currently in 3rd overall /
CAN Dubreuil / Lauzon Start No: 17
Notes: music: somewhere in time her in white & beige lace him in beige sweater & brown pants / don't know how much writing I'll be able to do - I've been wanting to see this live since I 1st saw it - best dance they've ever done / nice opening moves long deep flowing edges / statue lift with him on one foot / now a waltz time to music for S ftwrk that flows just wonderfully / twiizles are excellent / no hands curve lift into one arm rot lift / twizzles again are excellent / one arm rot lift change rot / everything is just flowing from one move to another / spin with her in upside down cam to side by side sit / they have the pefect program for them / 104.34 coming gr tot 212.1 currently 1st /
CAN Girard / Yaeger Start No: 18
Notes: music: summertime both in turqoise with bit of fushia - her dress is too long - doesn't loo right on her / some sultry moves to opening bars / they're capturing the expressing of the music / curve lift to rot lift just as the volcalists starts - nice timing / twizzles match quite well / spin in trad pair spin change to back to back low pow / curve lift / they're speed and glow is really good - maybe sacrificed some difficulty / twiizles match / rot lift with her around his neck changing to one arm rot lift / another one arm rot lift with a really good unique entrance / I enjoyed it - they're flow and expression of the music was excellent throughout / 75.92 coming in 84.01 gr total 159.93 currently 5th overall /