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Thread: Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto's Patriotic Exhibition

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    MM- I love the way you always try to put a positive spin on things

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDLERACER
    Click HERE to see the Kodak moment.
    Yep, there's your Wheaties box right there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladskater
    Oh brother.....
    OK, Ladskater, I understand that perhaps you aren't exactly thrilled that Tanith decided to become an American citizen and that she and Ben aren't skating for Canada in the Olympics. That's OK. I might feel the same way if Ben decided to obtain Canadian citizenship and skate for Canada.

    Sure, "American Woman" is hardly a complimentary song about America. Anyone who can read and/or listen to the lyrics is aware of that. I remember when the song first came out. My reaction was - "YUK!" However, as I wrote previously in this thread, I think we all need to give Tanith and Ben a break about their choice of exhibition music. After all, they had just gone through a long, emotional roller-coaster year in which they did not know until the last moment that Tanith would receive her US citizenship.

    I remember the Aaron Copeland medley that Brian Boitano used for his 1994 season long program. It was a bit ponderous, but it contained some wonderful music, including selections from "Billy the Kid", and "Appalacian Spring".

    Personally, I think the "American Hymn" from "East of Eden" would have been a lovely number for Tanith and Ben to skate to. It would have been a more serious number, but, again, it was their choice.

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