Please, if anyone out there can help me

I'm a fan of figure skating and record anything on tv that involves the sport. That is the reason why I have never traded tapes. I know that the trading post states exactly what it is - tape trading.
However, if there's anyone that can or would be willing to help me with this; I'm looking to buy a copy of the 2002 Olympics closing ceremonies.
I recorded the ceremonies, but failed to mark the tape. It's a very bad habit that I've had and I learned from what happened. One day my daughter took the tape thinking it was empty and recorded over it. Since it was a soccer competition game, she erased everything from the ceremonies and din't realize it. Months later, I took the tape to show a friend of mine the closing ceremonies and it was gone. I was so upset but couldn't do anything about it. Then as time passed, I tried to find through the internet someone who could make a copy and sell it to me. I eventually found someone and had emailed the person. This person responded to my email. A few days afterwards my computer crashed. I lost absolutely everything because I didn't make back-up copies of anything. Hard lessons to learn. I could not remember how to contact that person, it was very dissapointing. Since then, some time has passed and now that the 2006 Olympics are upon us once again, I decided to try one more time to see if someone would be willing to sell me a copy of the 2002 Olympics Closing ceremonies. If you can help me, you can email me at:
Thank you!