Canadian Nationals Prediction Contest Results

The top three predictors are: Angie (first), wgg (second) and boogazie (third).

There were a lot of perfect predictions this time.

Men's: queerfairyonice
Ladies: Angie, wgg
Pairs: Angie, boogazie, Joelle
Dance: wgg, Dominique, Patrick Brunk, cygnus, Paul Parkinson, Brettzky, TygerLily, ladybird, blablabla, Erin, dancelove, Peggy Lemming, M&A, compact, discoduck, SugerNSpice

Percentages of Correct Predictions (spoiler warning if you haven't watched it yet)

1st Jeffrey Buttle 75.7%
2nd Emanuel Sandhu 69.3%
3rd Shawn Sawyer 54.0%
4th Christopher Mabee 27.5%
5th Nicholas Young 8.5%
6th Marc-André Craig 11.1%

1st Joannie Rochette 96.8%
2nd Mira Leung 27.5%
3rd Lesley Hawker 9.0%
4th Meagan Duhamel 22.2%
5th Amélie Lacoste 10.6%
6th Tanika Gibbons 2.6%

1st Marcoux/Buntin 91.0%
2nd Dubé/Davison 24.3%
3rd Wakamatsu/Fecteau 22.8%
4th Langlois/Hay 24.9%
5th Putnam/Wirtz 15.3%
6th Duhamel/Arnold 37.6%

1st Dubreuil/Lauzon 97.4%
2nd Wing/Lowe 62.4%
3rd Virtue/Moir 49.7%
4th Lefebvre/Markov 63.5%
5th Girard/Yaeger 16.4%
6th Senft/Gislason 20.6%

For more stats visit my Statistics from Canadian Nationals Page.