What's even worse than seeing disastrous performances is seeing the reaction of the skaters to their disastrous performances. It's truly been painful to see their shock, upset, and dismay as they sit or stand in the kiss 'n cry area to await their marks.

Nicole Bobek's 1998 Olympic short program was disastrous - a fall on a planned triple lutz/double toe, a miss on a second triple jump, and a stumble on the landing of the double axel. Bobek did not want to go to the kiss 'n cry area - it looked as though she just wanted to leave the arena. Her expression as she saw the cruel (but accurate) marks was so sad. And watching her mother's expression was doubly sad. How horrible to see a lifetime of work, practice, and effort go down the tubes in less than three minutes. After that short program, Nicole did not have a prayer of a chance to medal, and precious little chance to even pull up to the top ten.