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Thread: Who do you admire the most?

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    Who do you admire the most?

    I know this is a skating forum, but John Kerry is so smart, strong, and brave, so I admire him most. So, who do you admire the most?

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    Of course Plushenko!

    His hair can be the light in the dark...

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    It's a TIE!

    For me, there are two skaters who I admire as people that come to mind immediately. I can't pick just one!

    Alexander Abt has been through so much, and his desire to fight has never waned. When I made my first skating montage, he was the subject. I chose a song that really fits him and my feelings for him: "Remember Me" by Josh Groban. Simply beautiful, and it speaks so well of him. I thought of using it for Yagudin, but I thought twice about it. Everyone knows Yagudin, he's a legend, whereas Abt is already forgotten in skating circles, and those out of them have no idea who he is. This is a courageous young man who was told in 1996 that he would never be able to walk again, let alone skate. But he pushed through, and it didn't matter to him if he got the gold, silver, bronze or nothing. He just wanted to skate. He wanted to fight, and he never lost his desire to do so until his groin injury in 2004. *cry* It's just a shame that he fought so hard and did not get much for all his struggles.

    Plushenko of course there's nho surprise. He's so charitable, gracious, "a good Orthodox boy" according to a former friend. I used to just like him because he was my age and a great skater and was cute. But in 2001 that changed forever.

    My grandmother passed away in March of 2001, and they had her wake the day of the broadcast of the Grand Prix Final. My mom taped it for me just before she went shopping (it wasn't her mom that died, my dad's mom), and I came home wanting to do nothing more than just lay down and cry my eyes out. I hadn't smiled or laughed in weeks since she got sick and was in a coma. I never had the courage to visit her. I still regret not going to see her. I turned on the television for background noise, and before I could turn away, there he was, in the middle of his long program. Watching his skating gave me a sense of peace I hadn't felt in so long. He was happy, and that made me happy. For the first time since my grandmother got sick, I smiled, and it was because of him. I'll never forget him for that. To this day he is the one, and ony, thing that gives me peace when I am upset.

    When I heard last year that his own grandmother passed away and he drove 16 hours to the hospital, I actually wept for him and his family. It felt like losing my grandmother all over again.

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