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Thread: Why did Johnny's mom turn her back to us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFan4Life
    Seriously though, Mrs. Weir needs to develop a more camera-friendly persona, especially if her son continues to skate for several more years in the eligible arena, and she attends his competitions.
    Mrs. Weir doesn't need to develop anything. You didn't know the whole story but yet you jump in and start judgeing Mrs. Weir.

    Do you say anything nice about anyone???


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    Quote Originally Posted by unafaluna
    I spoke to Mrs. Weir myself and asked her that same question. She told me she was actually crying because of her nerves and the pressure on Johnny etc... she was by no means "snooty". Actually I found her the exact opposite. She was friendly and very bubbly. She did say she's not what you call a pretty crier.---I don't know many people who look good when they're having an emotional moment. I guess she didn't want the camera to catch that moment.
    Funny I saw her do the same thing at the cup of Russia, missed it here though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SusanBeth
    Yes, but that was her choice, not a job requirement. People don't have the right to demand or even expect it.
    I totally concur. Thank you for your previous post, also, and thanks to all who defended Mrs. Weir. It was indeed gracious of her to do an interview segment (which I regret having missed), but she is certainly under no *obligation* to perform for the public.

    The skaters work incredibly hard; their families make many sacrifices to enable them to realize their dreams, and we are the lucky recipients of the gift of watching their achievements. I, for one, am grateful for that gift.

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