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Thread: Volcano updates

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    Volcano updates

    We have one very upset mountain here in AK. Thankfully the ash hasn't been able to travel all the way to where I am, but it's been really annoying as far as scheduling any type of flight out of AK and the Peninsula (where I grew up) is being littered with the nasty ash... my bday is going to be next weekend and I'm supposed to go home so we'll see how awful it is down there lol

    anyway if anyone's interested UAA is keeping us updated...

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    Toni, I thought of you when this first started making the news. Boy was I glad you were in the lower 48 for US Nationals. Good to hear the ash isn't causing anymore grief than airline schedule for you. Also hope the ash has settled down by time you head home. BTW, Happy Bday in advance!

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