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For each segment, I'm listing total spin base value, followed by total spin GOE, followed by total spins TES.

Lambiel: 7.4 + 1.86 = 9.26 (3 L3 spins)
Plush: 7.9 + 1.36 = 9.26 (2 L3 + 1 L4 spins)

Lambiel: 9+1.79 = 10.79 (2 L1 + 2 L3 spins)
Plush: 11.6 + .92 = 12.54 (2 L3 + 2 L4 spins)

Lambiel is gett rewarded more in GOE (total of 1.37 more factored GOE than Plush across both programs) but Plush has a 3.1 point base value advantage. That's quite a vew base points to leave on the table for someone who is good at spinning. I can't believe he's doing 2 L1 spins in his FS. I can easily imagine a scenario where 3.1 points could make a difference in the color of a medal, or a medal at all at the Oly's. (maybe not between Lambiel and Plush, but between Lambiel and somebody) DG
Thanks DG for the rundown. Can anyone tell me what spins Plush does that may not get the GoEs of Stephane, but do get the higher technical scores? What spins exactly does he do that are so magnificent? I think if I were a judge and wanted to hold Plush up, I would go for everything else but the spins. JMO