The other evening I viewed my copy of "Magic Moments on Ice II" and again tremendously enjoyed the varied programs by the many wonderful figure skaters whose routines were included in the videotape:

Scott Hamilton - "Battle Hymn of the Republic" - Scott had dedicated this number to the 1961 US World Team that perished in the tragic air plane crash en route to the 1961 World Championships.

Peggy Fleming - "Pachelbel Canon in D" - This was Peggys' return to figure skating competition - 1983. It had been 15 years since her last competition, the 1968 Worlds. She looked beautiful, and she skated a lovely program.

Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean - "I Won't Send Roses" from "Mack & Mabel). This was their 1984 Olympic exhibition program, skated after they had won the ice dance gold medal. Another brilliant program.

John Curry - "Scheherazade" - This was his 1976 Olyjmpic exhibition program, skated after his brilliant victory in the men's competition.

Irina Rodnina & Alexsandr Zaitsev - "Kalinka". This was their 1980 Olympic exhbition program, following their victory (her third) in the pairs competition. This music has been skated to by many Soviet skaters, and its folksy, spirited beat was very well suited to Rodnina & Zaitsev's athletic style.

Janet Lynn - "Prelude fo Afternoon of a Faun" - WOW. Another beautiful program by Janet. She just floats across the ice, with effortless, perfect jumps.

Toller Cranston - "Vesti La Giubba" from "I Pagliacci". Toller was one of the most innovative skaters of his era, with unusual spins and positions. The number started with "heart beats" in the music. Toller clutched his chest to the rhythm of the "heart beats", and then unleashed the program.

Kitty & Peter Carruthers - "America the Beautiful". They skated a terrific number fo Ray Charles' rendition of this music.

Dorothy Hamill - "Romance" - the 1976 Olympic champion skated this number in 1985, and she showed the same grace, artistry, and speed that she has always displayed.

Robin Cousins - "Satan Takes a Holiday". The 1980 Olympic champion won the 1985 World Pro title with this excellent number. It included high flying jumps and spins, tap dancing on the ice, and other highly inventive moves. His delayed single axel seemed to be suspended in time for about ten seconds before he landed it. Terrific!

Katia Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov - "Meditation" from "Thias". G & G were so lovely, so much in tune with each other, and this number was one of their best, in my opinion. Every time I watch old tapes of them, it brings back such sadness that Sergei is no longer alive.

Katarina Witt - "I am What I Am" from "La Cage Aux Folles". Katarina skated this exhibition number following the 1988 season, during which she won her second Olympic gold medal and fourth World title. She said, "I found this piece of music before the 1988 season and I thought, "If I am on top when the season is finished, I must skate to this music". It was entertaining, and Kat showed her talent as a show skater.

Brian Orser - "The Story of My Life". Brian said he wanted to skate this number to thank the many Canadian fans (and fans from around the world) who had supported him throughout his career. He skated this to the singing of Neil Diamond. It was moving and beautifully skated.

Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko - "Symphony #5". The 1992 Olympic ice dance champions skated this number at the World Pros. It was dramatic and very theatrical.

Kristi Yamaguchi - "Pretty Woman" - The 1992 Olympic champion skated this exhibition number in the 1991 and 1992 seasons.

Paul Wylie - "Why, God, Why?" from "Miss Saigon". Paul skated this competitive program in 1993 and won the competition with three clean triple jumps. It was a top-notch number of Paul.

Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini - "Unchained Melody" - Barb and Paul skated this superb number to win the World Pros (which they won several times in the 1980s). Their choreography was full of emotion and technical moves.

Brian Boitano - "Water Fountain" The 1988 Olympic champion skated this number on an Alaskian glacier as part of his "Canvas on Ice" television special. The number showed glorious scenery and Brian's spectacular skating. He skated a single, double, and triple axel jump in rapid succession and seemed to be enthralled as he skated. He said, "When I skated this number, I was so touched by the scenery that I was almost in tears."

Fabulous skating, one and all!!