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I feel uncomfortable about this topic. Majority of people in this country were brought up as Christians (other religions are in the minority), so it is not unusual to see many US skaters with Christian beliefs. With the number of immigrants increasing you see some other religions in the country. Why should that be a factor for a skater? I see religious practice as something personal/private and I don't feel comfortable discussing those practices for skaters. Some eastern religions are very tolerant of other religions, and some practices are even inclusive/universal, so it does not really matter what label one chooses (or no label). Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas, and have a Christmas tree, so that alone would not be a criterion to determine one's religion (I only mentioned this because it was mentioned by someone).

I agree. I only replied about Kwan because she seemed pretty open about sharing those religious items in the magazine letting one sort of guess what kind of beliefs Kwan has. Again, I'm not saying she's anything specific, just that she had those things in her house.