It's a great resource. It has bios of all the top skaters from the US, and some international skaters. Some great Q & As, some great off-ice photos we haven't seem before, and some great video interviews, and access to past Olympic performances, that are sure to bring back some memories.

Here are links to all of the figure skating-related info I could find:

Figure Skating Homepage

Sasha Cohen Bio
Michelle Kwan Bio
Kimmie Meissner
Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto Bios
Irina Slutskaya Bio
Johnny Weir Bio
Evan Lysacek Bio
Rena Inoue Bio
Evgeny Plushenko Bio
Shizuka Arakawa Bio
Jeff Buttle Bio
Carolina Kostner Bio
Stephane Lambiel Bio
Melissa Gregory Bio
Fumie Suguri Bio
Emanuel Sandhu Bio

"Inside Figure Skating" (A description of various rules of the sport, the new judging system, a short history of the sport, and video and written
glossaries of various elements.

There are individual videos and pictures on the particular skaters' bios, and then when you watch one video there is a library of all other figure skating videos below the vid you're currently watching.

Enjoy! I found this website a lot of fun, and very helpful!