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Thread: How do you get your spinz centered?

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    lubb anqel xD

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    How do you get your spinz centered?

    hye, i'm workin on alot to spinz, but mai scratch spin is tha worst. i just cant seem 2 get it centered. it alwayz goes to mai toepick and itz so wobbly. any suggestions on how to get the scratch spin centered?

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    Re: How do you get your spinz centered?

    Hi lubb,

    If you are just learning to spin and wish to center your spins well (this came naturally to me, speed in my spins came second) you must understand what your skate is doing, and you must do some exercises to get the muscle memory going. I'll discuss conventionals directions---if you skate lefty, reverse everything.

    In doing any spin, you step onto the left forward outside edge, just like you would a l/f/o three turn. So the first exercise is to do this three turn extremely well over and over (don't forget to do it the other way too so you don't get lopsided).

    The second exercise helps you center your spin. Once your toe pick stops the l/f/o edge, your skate will turn to the l/b/i edge, and in a spin, start to make small circles under you. It is, though, in essence, a three turn right into small circles. The excersise is to start your spin from a pivot. A right forward inside pivot. Place your left toe in the ice and bend your left knee deeply. Arms out at the sides, turn your pivot and pull it up and into your scratch spin. Don't go for speed at first, go for spinning in good position, or even just doing a plain one-foot spin.

    Remember when you get to the full scratch spin, you must step onto the circle/arc your three turn creates. If you step outside, "too straight", the spin will travel and you will need your Passport! If you step too far inside, you will spin up on the toe and lose all your speed. Hit your position and hold it and let the spin run on the sweet spot, just behind the toes.

    Those three things should help. The l/f/i three turn exercise and the r/f/i pivot into spin exercise, and knowing to step into the arc correctly.

    Good luck


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