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Thread: Where do you find 'appropriate' Music?

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    Where do you find 'appropriate' Music?

    Where / how do you search for appropriate music? The music must be vocal-free - not exactly the stuff you hear on the radio station. It should probably not be music you've seen a billion other skaters use (because your performance may suffer in comparision <grin>)...

    So, if you are on a quest for original music, nothing too ambiant, definitely not Muzak versions of popular turns, where do you go to look?


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    Re: Music

    I'm lucky to have a fairly extensive background in classical music (my Dad was a classical music freak), so I can always dig something up from my memory.
    Also listening to some of the so-called world music of today is helpful, though a lot of it is of questionable skating value.
    I am lucky enough to have a relative that plays viola for an orchestra that can offer me some selections (and not just traditional classical) that may help me with music selection.

    And, of course, there is always my coach who has definite ideas of what I should be skating to. Once in a while we even agree on the music.

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    As a coach I use the public library. The one in my town has a huge collection of CDs. I take out 40 at a time and listen through them. MP3 download are another good way to get music for free, you just have to have the name of a selection of music.

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    Re: Where do you find 'appropriate' Music?

    I have many places to find music but for me since I edit and remaster my own and serveral other skaters ' music, it doesn't matter how poor the quality, if there are words or not, if I have to use 1 track or several tracks or if it's from someone sending me an MP3 to work on, I can make it top notch quality.

    I use Cool Edit and Easy CD creator to do music selections. Many skaters have won medals with the music I've put together.

    If you're interested in having me do a piece of music for you, please email me at [mail] [/mail]

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    Skating music

    I find my music at the local library, too. For my last program, I had an idea of what I wanted, but they have hundreds of classical CDs there for you to try. Classical, jazz, and some world music are all appropriate types of music for skating programs.

    First, you could ask the librarian to recommend 5 or so CDs of instrumental music from each genre: Classical, Jazz, and World Music. Once you start listening to the CDs, you'll get an idea for the type of music you like, and then you can get out more CDs from that genre.

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    Re: Skating music

    Like singerskates, I am a DJ and producer and edit together programs for skaters, gymnasts, cheerleading teams, aerobic dance instructors and pageant contestants. The sources I draw from are wide indeed. I've noticed that skaters seem to prefer classical and movie soundtrack music simply because of the shifts in tempo and pace. Of course, I can make that happen in ANY style of music! My only advice, when asked, is to be adventurous! Just because you've heard Bizet a zillion times doesn't mean YOU must use it also!!! Don't fear rhythms!

    I've produced winning edits using house, techno, LOTS of world music style cuts (Latin is very hot) and even new age and jazz. Just as with your performance, don't fear innovation in your music!

    For more information on what I'm up to, check out:

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    skater of the realm

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    Re: Skating music

    Whenever I find music, I look for soundtracks of movies. Most of my stuff is from the overtures of old musicals, although now I'm working on cutting some stuff from the Lord of the Rings.

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