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Thread: Will skating fans ever be satisfied with the judging?

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    Will skating fans ever be satisfied with the judging?

    Now we just have seen the first decision of the Olympic skating events and there are many many posts about how bad it was judged in both SP and LP.
    While I agree with some things which have been mentioned I think that there's no scandal there at all. This sport will always stay subjective no matter what kind of scoring system will be invented or how much this new system will be improved. There won't be any result with which more than the half of viewers will agree, if so many at all. We should accept that at least to some degree.
    Sometimes I get the impression that the fans are more excited about the results than some of the athletes themselves.

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    COP Problems

    While the CoP has problems with it i'll never be happy with the judging. This fact that it purports to judge how much better something is thatn something else to two decimal places....that's lunacy to think its accurate...add the spread of error for random selection and throwing out high and low...its a mish mash of a system.

    The first thing they could do to the system from today onwards without afecting any of the skaters (save any that are the subject of a backroom deal) is to scrap anonymous judging right now and let us see who the judges are that are giving out wildly incorrect marks.


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