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Thread: Christine Brennan-all women present and clean Slutskaya 4th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycamore29

    I wish I had seen Brennan on TV last night sharing her "expert opinion" - I could have used a good laugh!

    slutskayafan21, thanks for sharing that!
    No problem, it was a pleasure.

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    I think kwan had a pretty solid case for 3rd even with 5 triples total in the LP- we forget how lacking that '05 LP was and that it actually was the 3rd best (her 05 Qualifying is what did her in)

    I also don't trust Kostners nerves nor Shizuka's ability to rotate the combos (and the lip). So she would have had a good podium shot. Gold would have required a Salt Lake- esque turn of events.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens now. If they truly deduct or downgrade for edges and pauses between combos/series (think Kimmie at Nats SP) we could see skaters giving up entire jump passes as opposed to simply minor deductions. If they do to the flutzer/lippers what they did to Kirk at Lalique in 01 (throw the 2nd sp pass out because its the same as the first) a number of women could be in trouble.)

    I actually wouldn't mind breaking the monotony of the lutz combo, solo flip SPs. I used to love Butraskaya and Mok's SPs with those loops because they truly sprung out of moves or footwork. Most others seem to be doing fw and going onto a back edge for what seemed like 10 seconds before the jump.

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    there's so much delusion going on but that's nothing new

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    Women's skate

    Quote Originally Posted by slutskayafan21
    I saw Brennan(Christine) on TV last night and she said the gold would have been Asada's to lose had she been here but she was is not, and it was Kwan's to lose but now is out, and now it is wide open for Cohen and is totally up to her. So according to Christine Brennan it is clear that had Asada, Cohen, Kwan, and Slutskaya all been here and all skated cleanly Irina would have been the odd women out and taken only 4th place. Ummm ok, that woman needs a new career, she will probably have another lame skating book out soon though.

    Sorry to read this post.

    Most everyone else thinks Slutskaya is a shoo-in. I hope so.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    How can she leave out Kostner?
    Kostner??? What about Christine leaving ME out???? (MM, I thought you cared...)

    If I were:

    1) A figure skater
    2) Age eligible
    3) On the Oly team
    4) Capable of decent tech content
    5) Smart enough to give enough Vodka to those cheatin' lyin' jugdes to get decent PCS

    Then I would clearly be the Oly champion. HELLO Christine!! What about me??II

    But I still have a shot at fame as part of the deLUGEnal Divas Team. Why isn't Christine covering our awesome Luge team anyway?????

    (ok, i know i'm being silly now. )


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