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Thread: Men's short on Eurosport now!

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    I too agree MM (and others) that Sovoie is beautiful, as is his is too bad he messed up the lutz, but the long should be wonderful to watch. I'm keeping my eyes on Takahashi too. The shorts overall did have many, many mistakes however I do appreciate that NBC showed so many of them....I'll just reiterate my wish (and I know, it will never happen) to see the competition (or what they will show) in one shot...I really would watch the other stuff too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenorguy
    Predictions anyone?

    I'll say:

    Gold: Plushenko - no doubt
    Silver: Lambiel- will get over his nerves
    Bronze: Weir - his nerves will get to him even though Otonal is a much better program
    I would probably agree. Lambiel is iffy because of his ankle injury. He has the quad but I think that is mitigated by his 3axel problems, whereas Johnny is great on 3axels. Still, Lambiel is the better spinner and in a close or semi-close call I give the edge to the defending World Champ over Johnny who has never medaled at Worlds before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogre Mage
    It is entirely possible that Lambiel might pass Johnny, but I doubt Joubert will. I have seen nothing from Joubert this season and certainly not at 2005 Worlds to suggest that will happen. In Moscow, Johnny was skating with an injury and still beat him.

    I feel bad for my favorite skater, Jeff B. ... but at least he is in the final flight. I still think it's a great program.
    I wont mind at all if you are right. I dont like Joubert's skating at all, but the judges do and he has the quad difficulty. It is interesting though his PCS scores were so much lower than Europeans, whoops the Olympics are not in France.

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