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Thread: Australian TV shows more Abu Ghraib images

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    More grisly photographs and videos have emerged that appear to show U.S. soldiers abusing prisoners at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.


    The latest photographs appear to show more abuse, including cases of torture and sexual humiliation -- including forcing them to masturbate for the camera.

    In September, after the ACLU won access to those set of pictures via a Freedom of Information Act request, the U.S. government appealed the decision, tying up their release.


    The program did not show all of the pictures. It deemed some of them -- with prisoners apparently performing sexually humiliating acts -- too graphic for air, he said.

    Included among the images broadcast were pictures of naked men who appeared to have suffered physical trauma, one of whom the report said had 11 nonlethal bullet wounds in his buttocks.

    Other pictures show dead bodies, one of which the program said a U.S. Army report identified as one of three men killed during a riot over living conditions at the prison.

    According to the TV report, two Abu Ghraib soldiers said that guards were ordered to use lethal rounds on prisoners when they ran out of rubber bullets trying to halt the riot.

    A video shows five men wearing hoods and masturbating for the camera, presumably under orders of their guards.

    One image depicts two women described by a guard to "Dateline" as prostitutes held at the prison for two days. In one picture, the breasts of one of the women are exposed.

    Another grisly image shows a corpse that appears to have had a section torn from its head while another one features a man whose arms are covered in purple bruises.

    Also broadcast was video that appears to show a prisoner -- handcuffed to a metal door -- repeatedly slamming his head full force against the door. Though the guards appear to have videotaped the incident from several vantage points, no one is seen intervening to stop the prisoner.

    The TV program obscured most of the prisoners' faces so they could not be identified.
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