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Thread: MENS LP = Lame programs?

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    Both my faves, Stephane and Ilia have come out of years of knee problems and I think one could consider that - not for a medal - but a cheer for going for something beyond their means. They were not at their best, and imo, showed the smoothness of their skating despite the pain. I'm skeptical about their future.

    Plushy is CoP favorite. His jumping is unparalelled He skated cleanly and much his attempts at spinning was well rewarded, maybe too much. He deserved his win, however, it doesn't change my opinion of being a better skater than Ilia. I am not amused by the show off style, although it was very much less this competition.

    Buttle has his moments. This was not one of them.

    Joubert may be at the end of his competitive career. I hope not.

    Evan should be the next man in USA figure skating unless Johnny talks less and gives more action.

    Matt did very well and I hope he finds the time to continue in future.

    Whatever it is keeping Eman from skating his best is beyond me. Anyone to explain?

    Shawn Sawyer. Undermarked and wait till next year!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafke
    I remember when Paul Wylie was my favorite male skater but he kept falling and being passed by less interesting skaters (once driving poor Dick Button, who clearly adored him, to spluttering rage). I'm also a big Klimkin fan.
    So, by the time Buttle came around my guard was up, I've been hurt before so I'm reluctant to commit ... if he gets some clean performances under his belt then we'll see ....
    There are some specific things about Jeff which remind me of Paul. That gorgeous spreadeagle Buttle does just screams Wylie. Paul was known for fast spins with great positions; ditto Jeff. Remember the beautiful Ina Bauer Paul had? Jeff had a nice one in his Sampson & Delilah LP. Of course, the two also share the same jump inconsistency. I am not saying Jeff is a Paul-clone (Jeff probably owes more to Kurt B. stylistically), but I think it is a valid comparison.

    It wasn't until Paul that I saw how beautiful a forward spiral could be.

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    I have one thing to say; Jeffrey Buttle deserved 3rd overall and 2nd in the freeskate. That program has so much detail...he is such a beautiful skater and has worked so hard and not to mention a sweet guy. I think is hair is adorable and I loved his new costume.

    I agree with some people, Evgeni's program was blah if you ask me... all that's good is his jumps...he has no real emotion.

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