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Thread: Why bother watching dance or ladies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DORISPULASKI
    From watching men and pairs, we can predict the outcome. Navka and Irina after the short/OD, no matter how they skate, will have such huge PCS that their total score will be impossible to overcome. The other skaters will skate badly, partly in consequence of there being no chance, and partly in consequence of throwing in tricks they can't do because there is no chance that anything they do will affect their slotted PCS score. If doing it right could move your PCS score, Matt Savoie would be ahead of Evan Lysacek and Jeff Buttle. A skater's only hope is to go for impossible Tech scores. And even that doesn't work. In the men's, no one really went for it, other than Buttle and Takahashi planning to fall on a 4t . In pairs, Z&Z and I&B really went for it at least. And at least I&B managed to move up from their slotted 10th/11th, so perhaps there still is some incentive to skaters not yet on top. But not much.

    It wouldn't bother me except for the part of 'No Matter How They Skate'. That wasn't Plush's best ever skate. Heck the 2002 Goebel version was better.

    This is the kind of crap that causes an unbalanced mind to think they have to disable someone to win, because the game is so very, very fixed.
    Come on, read a bit commentaries of other figure skaters about Plushenko (like, Buttle, Weier, Zimmerman). They all have so mush respect for Plushenko as figure skater. Do you really think that Plushenko did not deserve a gold? It is not serious. Why are you so sure, that figure skaters, judgges, coaches, sport journalists, all these people ( and I remind you - not russian) all they are wrong about Plushenko?

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    Do you really think that Plushenko did not deserve a gold?
    If you will read my posts, you will see that in nearly every one I took the time to write 'Plushenko deserved the gold'. And at least twice I have pointed out that I have said 'Plushenko deserved the gold' to other posters who somehow thought I had said the opposite. And Joesitz has pointed out that every single poster said 'Plushenko deserved the gold'.:sheesh:

    And I feel Cassandraish today, because B&A were dumped and C&S dumped themselves. :sad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    Good point about including falls on quads as part of your program. If you really took the scoring system to heart you could plan four quad-splats and really rack up the points.
    Mathman, mathman, you gotta do the math

    Let's say a skater can rotate two quads and puts the following down on paper: a 4Sal combo, a 4Sal solo, a 4Toe combo, and a 4Toe solo jumps. Not really all that realistic, since less than a handful of skaters have attempted both, but let's say the strategy is to fall on them, so that you never have to prove you can do them in combination. Then let's say you do the 3A/3T, 3Lz, 3F, and 3Lo, the hardest remaining jumps without repeating a third jump.

    You'd receive, including fall deductions:
    5.5 points for 4Sal combo "attempt" vs. 8.3 for a clean 3Lz/2T or 9.6 for a clean 3Lz/2T/2T or 9.8 for a clean 3Lz/2T/2Lo

    5.5 points for 4Sal solo vs. 7.5 for a clean 3A

    5 points for the 4T combo "attempt" vs. 5.8 for a clean 3S/2T or 6.0 for a clean 3S/2Lo or if the Lutz combo wasn't a 3/2/2, add 1.3 points for an extra 2T

    5 points for the 4T solo vs. 3.3 for a clean 2A

    then 11.5 for the 3A/3T, 6.5 for the 3Lz, 5.5 for the 3F, and 5 for the 3Lo.

    The only jump that gets more points is the fall on 4T, at most a 1.7 differential if done in the first half of the program, and only if the 2A gets only base score.

    It doesn't make sense from a points standpoint to fall on the quad more than once, if the skater can rotate the triple and land it cleanly. It doesn't make sense from a health standpoint to fall on the quad for 1.7 points. It makes sense from a "I'll prove to the judges that I'm a Man" standpoint only.

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    I have enjoyed watching the 2006 Olympics, although I have not agreed with all scores or placements, perhaps. That is though nothing new, the same has happened in every figure skating competition since I started to watch it in early sixties, LOL.

    It is always interesting to watch which skaters rise to the occasion and get their job done, and which don´t. I think that there was a lot fighting spirit in many skaters including those that were on the podium. It is not easy to compete in the Olympics because the next time will be after 4 years, and who knows which skaters are still there to compete, because njuries happen, etc. So, it is not strange if mistakes happen and nerves will come up. Only rarely we are able to watch something really remarkable and perfect like Boitano´s 1988 and Kulik´s freeskate at the 1998 Olympics. If a winner does not skate that well, she/he though is the best compared to other skaters in that event. Otherwise she/he would not have won...

    I will be looking forward to OD and FD plus ladies competition eagerly. The winners may not be what I would wish to be, but that does not matter in the big picture of the event, because there will be many enjoyable skaters competing.

    So far the huge highlight to me has been Lysacek´s freeskate and it was also great to see Lambiel´s teary happiness on the podium.
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